Whether you have your mission call or are still waiting to come of age, its never too early to start preparing. Preparing for a mission is a task that requires focus in all aspects of your life. Before you leave you will want all of your temporal, spiritual and social needs to be in order so that you can serve with a singular focus.

Use the following pages and links to help with your preparation needs.


Official Missionary Online Application 
Mission Application Timeline
Now Is the Time to Serve a Mission!

18 or 19 – When Should I Serve?
Young Women and serving a mission – should I go?
The Need for Sisters

Opening Your Mission Call
Sister Missionaries and the Decision to Serve
Couple Missionaries: A Time to Serve
It’s the Lord who Makes the Call
The Divine Call of a Missionary
There’s More Than One Way to Open Your Call

Feeling Nervous About Your Call?
Life Changing Lessons from a Mission
How to Be an Awesome (Sister) Missionary

SPIRITUAL PREPARATION Official Mission Preparation Site Senior Missionary Preparation Site
“Go, Ye Swift Messengers”
Choosing Obedience
For the Strength of Youth
Missions are Hard on the Shoes, but good for the Soul
New to the MTC?
Are you ready for the “All-important” Blessing?
Entering the Temple
Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary


Need to buy luggage?
Those Pesky Wisdom Teeth!
The Beat of a Missionary
What Music is Okay?
Tips on Study Time
Make Use of Every Minute


Parting at the Pulpit
How to Give a Powerful Farewell Talk
It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later

5 Tips on Learning a Language
Language Adventures
Three Tips for Helping Non-Member Family

Girlfriends (or Boyfriends) and the Mission
The Only Question is Revelation


The District
Mission Age Announcement
Raise the Bar
Every Worthy Male Serve
Inviting All to Come unto Christ
Newly Called Sister Missionaries Gather on Temple Square
Titan Missionaries from Olympus Class of 2012 Opening the Mission calls
Pleasant Grove High School Class of 2013 Mission Call Openings