You’ve made it. You have have laughed and cried, worn holes through your shoes and prayed the knees of your pants thin. You’ve learned to love and taught the gospel on a level you have never known before and can ultimately sigh in relief of a job well done. You’ve also faced on the hardest parts of the mission: the moment you were released and asked to remove your name tag, the tag you have religiously worn for more than 550 days in honor of the Savior.

Now that your tag has come off, your worn suitcases are emptied and your missionaries mementos are proudly displayed on your dresser, now what? How do you get back into “normal” life and face the decisions that await every returned missionary? The MTC prepared you for missionary life. but where the is MTC for post mission life?

Here are some helpful articles on how to jump back into home life without losing a step of the mission as you climb onward and upward!

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