Is Your Child ‘Mission Ready’?

mission ready When President Monson announced the new mission ages, youth around the globe were suddenly presented with the thrilling (and in some ways terrifying) prospect of leaving home much earlier than expected. Many still wonder, almost two years later, how youth can be prepared to serve, when most of them have just barely left high school.

Well, now there’s a way! This year, Brigham Young University will host the first annual Mission Ready Youth Conference. The week-long conference is designed to prepare youth ages 14-18 with the doctrine, skills, and attributes needed to feel more confident about mission work.

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Classes and workshops are taught by returned missionaries, who offer their advice and insight about serving the Lord full time. The lessons will help youth familiarize themselves with the scriptures and Preach My Gospel. Youth can also choose from a variety of elective classes, to focus on the skills and attributes that they are most interested in improving.

Additional activities (like devotionals, games, service opportunities, a concert, and a dance), will give youth the chance to interact with others and leave their comfort zones, which is useful as a missionary.

Sounds fun, right? Registration opened on February 1, 2014, and the conference will be held July 20-26, 2014. You can register on the Mission Ready website, and get more information there about the conference, and about mission work in general.

For example, if you have questions or concerns, there’s a section of Frequently Asked Questions for youth that includes:

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  • What is it like to serve a full-time mission?
  • Do I have what it takes to learn a foreign language?
  • What can I do to make my scripture study more effective?
  • What are ways I can share the gospel right now?

This youth conference provides a great foundation for further personal preparedness. Even if your child doesn’t plan on serving a mission, this conference is a wonderful way for youth to learn gospel doctrine and good study habits.

Check out the site (and especially this helpful flowchart) to see if Mission Ready Youth Conference is right for you!