Making the best care package ever!

One of the biggest concerns for parents of missionaries is supplying them with goodies from home. After all, every missionary loves mail, and even better than receiving letters is receiving packages full of their favorite treats! There are a few things you can do to make the packages you send to your missionary even better. Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Know what is available/unavailable in the area where your missionary is serving.While you don’t need an extensive knowledge of what foods and treats are readily available, having at least a basic idea of what your missionary already has access to can help you pack items that will be more appreciated. A friend’s mother sent him a box full of Ramen noodle packets, only to then receive a letter from her son saying that while the Ramen was greatly appreciated, there was already plenty to be had in Brazilian grocery stores. Just remember that certain food items are available almost anywhere in the world.

2. Include something for the mission companion! You don’t need to include anything huge, but adding a small present or treat for your missionary’s companion is always a nice touch. This can be especially good during Christmas or other holidays, particularly if the family of your missionary’s companion does not have financial resources to send him or her a package. Packing an extra something for your missionary’s companion is simple to do and can be greatly appreciated by the companion and help strengthen companionship unity.

3. Include the rest of the family! One fun thing that my family did while I was on my mission was get each member of our extended family to write short notes to include in the package. It was fun to hear from other relatives besides just my immediate family.

4. Ask your missionary what he/she would like! Chances are there are certain treats or other items from home that your missionary would really like to receive in a package. You probably already know what some of your missionary’s favorite treats are, but it’s always helpful to ask.

5. Be careful about sending valuables. Remember that some areas do not have the most reliable postal service. Especially if you are sending packages to a third-world country, avoid sending money or valuable electronic items in the mail, as these packages sometimes don’t arrive at all.

6. Include other useful supplies. Pens, paper for writing notes and other such items can be helpful for missionaries. Other items such as pictures of scenes from the scriptures can also be nice for your missionary to decorate their apartment or use in their teaching. Like sending food items, remember that certain items, while practical, are probably already available where your missionary is serving. So don’t send sticks of deodorant or bars of soap unless your missionary requests it.

7. And finally, candy! Of course, candy and cookies of any kind are always welcomed by almost every missionary. Send your missionary’s favorites and make sure there is enough to share!

If you want help creating a package online, click here!

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