Missionary Wisdom


by Brad Wilcox and Whitney Wilcox

The following were some thoughts I lifted from my daughter’s emails home. At the time she was serving in California waiting for a visa. She is currently serving in the Malaga, Spain Mission. I shared these in a mission prep class I was teaching and the future missionaries loved the frankness and honesty in her comments as well as the wisdom she shared. We hope it helps you too.

“I sing songs in church and play the piano and speak in Spanish and make dinner conversation not because I like to do any of those things, but because it’s not about me.

We can find peace in our hearts through the Atonement. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world around us. Peace is not the absence of contention. It is the knowledge that Christ suffered for us so that He knows how to strengthen us individually.

A mission has a funny way of making you feel like a big loser most of the time.

It’s like being on a roller coaster just about to go over the big hill and you are clenching your fists and have your eyes closed because you are just trying to survive and then the person next to you is tugging at your sleeve and trying to get you to see the view.

People tell me to not think about my family while I am on a mission, but if I forget my family I forget love. The reason I am out here is to share the love I feel in my family and help others see that they can have the same thing.

If I allowed myself too focused on all the commandments and rules and things I should be doing then I would be paralyzed.

I may not be some shining star missionary baptizing every week, but all comparing does is tear at away my heart.

I am coming closer to God, and that is huge! I am more grounded in my testimony, and that is huge! I have to remind myself of that whenever someone comes down on me for not having more success.

Even though I may not be perfect, I feel such an overwhelming love and gratitude for the Savior and the gospel that it gives me the hope and strength to just keep going.

Do you think God gets sick of hearing the same things in my prayers over and over?”

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