Are you ready for the “All-important” Blessing?

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It started months ago. The countdown began with a goal to enter the temple, and now John’s almost there. In less than two weeks, he’ll walk through the Seattle temple to receive his own endowment. On the brink of such an occasion, I recently asked him, “So, what advice would you give to others preparing to go through the temple?” He quickly replied, “Every day pray for comfort and strength. Take a temple prep class, read the temple book given to you, and focus on your daily scriptures.”

As I reflected upon John’s words, I decided to collect suggestions and thoughts from Conference talks, Church material and friends. In doing so, I’ve compiled seven suggestions to help you prepare for your temple endowment.

I would like to receive my endowment. How do I prepare?

1. Keep the Commandments.

The temple is the Lord’s house, and He wants you to come in. He asks you and every other temple-goer to enter worthily and faithfully keep His commandments. You will interview with your bishop and member of the stake presidency to receive a recommend that says you are worthy to come to the temple, so make sure you are prepared to honestly tell them you are worthy to enter the House of the Lord.

2. Temple prep class.

Your ward or stake will offer temple preparation classes for you to participate in. There are seven classes that explain the purpose and the process of the temple. You’ll understand the history, the doctrinal importance, and have the opportunity to ask questions.

If you don’t have time to cover all the lessons, talk to your bishop and he will make an assignment to have someone meet with you individually. You can receive a condensed version of the classes.

3. Review the Plan of Salvation.

The temple emphasizes our purpose here on earth. It will discuss elements of the Plan of Salvation and its application in our lives. The Pearl of Great Price offers you clarity on the Plan and temple ordinances. Read Moses chapter 2-4, 5:1-2 and Abraham 4-5.

One month before your endowment.

1. Obtain a temple recommend.

Your recommend for temple baptisms is not sufficient for your temple endowment. You will need a new one issued by your bishop. Once you have met with your bishop, schedule an interview with your stake president.

2. Arrange a temple date.

You will need to schedule a time with the temple. Every temple tries to accommodate your needs, but each temple has specific times for these sessions. It is recommended that you call about a month ahead of time to schedule your date.

3. Choose an escort.

When you go through the temple for the first time, there will be someone who escorts you throughout the process of the ceremonies. You will get to choose this escort. Many choose a parent, close relative, or friend to escort them. If you are unable to find someone, a temple worker will assist you throughout the temple.

4. Invite friends and family.

When you go through your first endowment session, other patrons will be in attendance as well. This is a great opportunity for you to invite close friends and family for support. You can have as few or as many loved ones there. Invite as you please.

Receiving your endowment is a precious gift from Heavenly Father. Our beloved prophet said, “The all-important and crowning blessings of membership in the Church are those blessings which we receive in the temples of God.” As you prepare for your endowment, do not limit yourself to these seven steps. Take them as a basic guideline to help you plan your personal temple preparation. Tailor your individual preparations to meet your needs, recognizing that there are certain things every temple-goer must complete. Seek support and help from your bishop, family, and other Church leaders.

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