Need to buy luggage?

As a missionary, you’ll be doing a lot of traveling. From arriving at the MTC, to getting picked up in the field, going on exchanges, and being transferred, you’ll use your luggage a ton. With all that moving around, you want to make sure you’ve got durable luggage that can handle being stuffed with clothes and pulled for long distances. And of course, packing your whole life into a tiny suitcase isn’t easy in the first place. You’ll want luggage that can fit all of your needs.

So, where do you start? What should you be looking for? To make life a little easier for you, we’ve listed a few options that are not only affordable, but durable:

1. Rockland Skate Wheels 4-Piece Set

Price: $100.00

Details: The 4-piece set comes with a 29 inch, 24 inch, and 19 inch wheeled upright, along with a 12 inch tote bag.The two front pockets found on the uprights allows for 2 inches of expandability. The bags have an inside retractable handle. Grip handles on the side and top allow for easy grabbing and lifting. The main compartment is large, leaving you plenty of room to pack for your mission. It also has pockets on the inside, giving you extra organization. To top it all off, it comes in some unique prints, like plaid or zebra (although we recommend you go with something a little more conservative as a missionary).

Complaints: The frame may be a little weak, giving in under heavy weight stacked on top.

2. American Tourister POP 3-Piece Set

Price: Varies between $140 and $180

Details: The POP set will give you a 29 inch, 25 inch, and 21 inch upright. The wheels are multi-dimensional spinners, which will help to maneuver the luggage more easily. This luggage also comes with a retractable handle, and handles on the side and top. It comes in bold colors, making it easy to spot in a sea of other luggage (transfers anyone?). Purple was my personal favorite.

Complaints: The luggage itself is on the heavier side, coming in at a total of 31 pounds and 11 oz.

3. Traveler’s Choice El Dorado 3-Piece Set

Price: $200.00

Details: Although this one is the most expensive on this list, you get a lot with good quality. The El Dorado set comes with a 29 inch, 25 inch, and 21 inch upright. Each bag has ball bearing wheels and front pockets for extra storage. You also get a 3-number lock, a hanging garment bag (perfect for suits all you elders out there!), top and side handles, a bag clasp for extra luggage, and a retractable handle. It’s durable and long lasting.

Complaints: The 29 inch is heavy, so you’ll need to be careful not pack too much, unless you’d like to pay a $50 fee.

4. American Tourister Fieldbrook 3-Piece Set

Price: $60.00

Details: This 3-piece set offers you both the 25 inch and 21 inch upright with wheels, and comes with a tote bag for carry-on. It has light weight pockets for extra storage and comes with a garment restraint. For the price of only $60, it is good quality.

Complaints: According to reviewers, It doesn’t have as much room as it seems.

These aren’t your only options of course. You can do some research yourself by asking returned missionaries what they found worked best, or do a simple search on the internet to find other good deals. Finding quality, durable luggage is an important part of preparing to serve because you need it hold all your belongings and to last. Be wise in your selection and do it now before it becomes last minute!

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