New to the MTC?

You’ve heard of it before, but never imagined you’d actually make it there. The Missionary Training Center—the beginning of your mission.

Most missionaries will go to the Provo MTC in Utah to learn how to teach and often times, how to speak a different language.

What can you expect from your first few days at the MTC? Here are a couple of highlights from the first few days:

1. Drop-off- This is the last time you’ll see your family for the next 18 months to 2 years. It goes quickly. Your family will drive up and drop you off at the curb, where other MTC missionaries will be waiting to greet you. From there, one of these missionaries will help you find your way around. Your escort will help you get checked in, drop off your belongings at your dorm, pick up your books, and find your classroom.

2. Class time- Once you’ve settled in somewhat, you’ll meet your instructor who will teach you throughout the duration of your stay. If you are learning a language, be prepared to immerse yourself in the mission language from Day 1. Your teacher will not speak to you in any English, not even when you meet for the first time. This is also where you’ll meet your very first companion.

3. Orientation- After class time, you’ll head over to an orientation, where you’ll meet the MTC President and his counselors.

4. Teaching Evaluation Center (TEC)- Once you’ve unpacked a little, you and the other new missionaries will meet together again to observe other missionaries teaching investigators. You will discuss different aspects of teaching and what it means to teach to needs.

5. Zone leaders- When TEC is done, you’ll head on over to your classroom and meet with your zone leaders and coordinating sister. They’re only a few weeks ahead of you in their MTC stay. They’ll discuss zone expectations (goals, meetings, etc.) and take you on a quick tour of campus.

6. Preparing to teach- That’s right! Your classroom instruction on your second day will prepare you to teach tomorrow. You’ll learn about your first ever investigator (played by your other teacher), and how to prepare a lesson to meet his or her needs.

7. Branch President- Later in the evening, you’ll meet with your branch president and his counselors. He’ll be kind of like a mini-mission president while you’re in the MTC. He’ll interview you to get to know you better, and be your ecclesiastical guide for the next few weeks.

8.  First investigator- You’ll begin teaching your first investigator on your third day. This is your chance to grow and to learn, so don’t be worried if teaching isn’t as easy as you thought. That’s the whole point of starting out in the MTC. For language missionaries, you’ll be teaching in your mission language from day 1 with your investigator. Zone resource teachers will be there to help you prepare your first few lessons.

The MTC was made to help you and other missionaries learn the basics of missionary work. It’s an inspired program where you will grow in faith, charity, and obedience. Here, you will really start to understand your purpose as a missionary, which is “to invite others to come unto Christ.” Make the most of every minute you have!

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