Washington Vancouver Mission

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View of Interstate bridge, Washington side. Image courtesy Steven Walling under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

View of Interstate bridge, Washington side. Image courtesy Steven Walling under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Vancouver is in the Southwest corner of the state of Washington, along the Columbia River. It is just north of Portland, Oregon, and a few hours south of Seattle, Washington. Vancouver draws a more established and mature crowd and is a pleasant community to be amongst.


Farmers’ market in Vancouver, Washington.

More information forthcoming about the Washington Vancouver Mission.

The Church

There are 276,837 members in Washington State, three temples, and seven missions. There are over 50 stakes and 500 congregations in Washington, and the numbers continue to grow. The Vancouver mission was recently created in July 2013. The Portland, Oregon temple is the nearest temple to the Vancouver church members.


Vancouver highlights a variety of food. It is a well-developed city and provides incredible artisan and local restaurants, specialty food stores and the generic grocery stores and restaurants. One will not have trouble finding specific ingredients for authentic, foreign foods and dietary products for food allergies and preferences.

Eat local in Vancouver

Eat local in Vancouver


Because of its great location, the seafood in Vancouver is extremely fresh and delicious. Vancouver is also known for its locally-made cheeses.


Two main highways run through Vancouver, I-5 and I-205. These roadways run north to south and are an easy access to Portland and Seattle. There is a bus system that travels throughout Vancouver, but most people travel by car to specific destinations.

Vancouver is close to Portland and its international airport (PDX) as well as having a small airport of its own.


According to statistics, Vancouver has a higher crime rate than most cities nationwide. There are specific areas that affect this crime rate as a whole. While traveling, understand the environment of each neighborhood and always use your common sense. Police and other emergency services are readily available and healthcare is good.


Vancouver takes pride in its heritage, as a historical site and headquarters for Hudson’s Bay. Many early explorers traveled through Vancouver while discovering that  these new lands were inhabited by Native American tribes.  There are museums honoring this history along with the preservation of the National Vancouver National Site.

Fort Vancouver National Site

Fort Vancouver National Site


Essential Equipment

Bring and umbrella, winter coat, waterproof or durable shoes and wool socks.

Flag of Washington Vancouver Mission


United States
President Derlin C. Taylor

2223 NW 99th St
Vancouver WA 98665
United States

Office: 360-574-5370

Vancouver experiences great rainfalls from the autumn months to the end of spring. The rain slows during the summer months and temperatures normally rise to pleasant 70 degree temperatures, with a few weeks in the 80s-90s F.

This is a new mission. A website reference should be out soon!


We are so happy to announce this mission as one of the newly announced missions this year. Check back soon to hear from the missionaries called to this area.

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