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Mount Rainier and Tacoma, Washington.

Mount Rainier and Tacoma, Washington.

The Church

The Church in Washington State continues to grow at a rapid pace. There are three temples in Washington, seven missions and more than 276,000 members. Over 500 congregations meet on a weekly basis and this last year new multiple missions were established for the progression of the work.

The Seattle Temple

The Seattle Temple


Tacoma isn’t known for any particular food. The diverse culture and ethnicities provide opportunities to find foods and flavors from all over the world. Being close the ocean, seafood is fresh and can be a popular choice. Also, the Northwest way always provides great farmers markets and local, produce options during harvest.

The Tacoma CO-OP

The Tacoma CO-OP

Tacoma has all generic grocery stores and offers many quick food options and small diners. Foreign markets and specialty stores are spread throughout the city. Dietary grocery stores are available in the area too.


There are many highways that pass through Tacoma, the busiest ones connecting to Seattle, other districts of the Puget Sound and Portland through I-5.

The city offers many different options for public transportation. There are light rails, buses, and ferries that transport people all throughout the area.

The Tacoma Link

The Tacoma Link


The city of Tacoma continues to improve safety options for each neighborhood. It is currently ranked as one of the unsafest cities in the United States of that size. Specific areas are too dangerous for missionaries to enter, while other locations are allowed during the daylight; mission leadership informs missionaries of these dangers. Theft is the greatest issue in Tacoma. It’s important to lock doors, hide all suspicious items in cars that may attract unwanted attention and travel wisely on the streets. Recognize and avoid neighborhoods that are involved with crime.


Tacoma is a very diverse area. It is the third largest city in Washington, preceded only by Seattle and Spokane. Its diversity welcomes activities and traditions from many cultures. The arts, especially, are a main attraction in Tacoma. A Broadway Center holds performances by sponsored orchestras, operas, musicals, and more.  Other theaters throughout the city highlight local shows. Art galleries and museums cover the city, and there is a growing filmmaking community that supports the Tacoma Film Festival.

The Broadway Performing Arts Center

The Broadway Performing Arts Center

Essential Equipment

Umbrellas, wool socks, rainproof coats and layered clothing items will be useful during the rainy and cool, humid days. Sweaters and cardigans are helpful for sisters, as temperatures can change fast. Bring some lighter clothing for several hot, humid weeks during the summer!

Flag of Washington Tacoma Mission


United States
President John D. Blatter

4007 Bridgeport Way W Ste D
University Place WA 98466-4330
United States

Area-wide: 3,500,026
Christian, Atheism
Temperate but very wet coastal climate with rainfall and cooler temperatures throughout the year. Winter temperatures average in the mid-40s; summer averages around mid-70s.

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Straight from the Washington Tacoma Mission field:

*What items were hard to get or not available?
“Grandma Sycamores bread. :)”

*What did you eat the most of?

*What is the craziest thing you ate?
“Rocky Mountain Oysters.”

*What was most surprising about the culture?

*What advice would you give to someone going to the Washington Tacoma Mission?

*What do you wish you had known before you served?

*Other comments?

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