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Seattle is in the heart of the Pacific Northwest and is known for its beautiful forests, rainy weather and lively city. Major- and minor-league sports teams (the Seattle Mariners, baseball, and Seattle Seahawks, football) are popular within the city.

Seattle, Washington waterfront. Image courtesy Ryan Harvey,  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.
Seattle, Washington waterfront. Image courtesy Ryan Harvey,
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

The Church

The Seattle Temple

The Seattle Temple

There are 276,837 members in Washington State, three temples, one of which is in Bellevue, Washington in the Seattle area. This temple is the largest in the state and continually stays busy due to the strength of the Church in the Seattle area. There are over 50 stakes and 500 congregations in Washington, and the numbers continue to grow, with the expansion of missions.


Seattle, like any other city is a home for great, fresh food. There is a great emphasis on eating local food, and the rural parts of the state take pride in working together to provide all types of fresh produce and fruits to the city areas. Seattle uses its resource of fresh seafood and offers many delicacies with seafood.


Seattle is also a very diverse city and has created an environment to fulfill all diets. There are many vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc. options in restaurants and grocery stores. Seattle is a very health-conscious city (also called “green” or “granola”) and has food for any kind of dietary needs.

Ingredients for a healthy meal.

Ingredients for a healthy meal.

The ethnic options in Seattle abound too. There are Asian and Mexican markets, along with specialty stores that provide ingredients for foreign dishes and meals.


The Sea-Tac International airport is the main station to fly into the Seattle area. There are a variety of highways that connect you to the city. From the eastern side of the state into the city, travelers take I-90, while I-5 and Route 99 offer routes into the city from the North and South direction. Highway 420 heads towards the airport, which connects to I-90 and I-5. Highway 18 is an easy route towards the Maple Valley area.

In the city there are trolleys, light rails and sound transit options that offer multiple destinations throughout the city and outside districts of Seattle.


Seattle is relatively safe and has been noted for being one of the top “safest” cities in the United States. Although it should be proud of its safety achievements, missionaries must remember still that any big city has opportunities for crime to occur. Traveling alone at night or through shady areas are not advised, and using common sense is still necessary. Smart travelers need not worry and should have positive experiences.


The Seafair festival is a major summer festival that highlights Seattle’s best elements: the waterway, the incredible outdoors, the industrial success and Northwest pride. Small, local events participate in each district and end with a final celebration of hydroplane racing, the Torchlight parade and the Blue Angels. It is an exciting time for the city to come together and celebrate.

Seattle also embraces the arts and especially is a hub for music. Many grunge bands began their careers in the Seattle area, where they grew a loyal fan base in the area, launching the success of several popular bands.

The Blue Angels at Seafair

The Blue Angels at Seafair

The performing arts in Seattle are very prevalent and attract faithful audiences for Broadway-style musicals, operas, ballets and orchestra performances. It’s also important to note that Seattle is a very liberal area, and outspoken about certain topics. The Gay Rights initiatives and issues are very relevant to the culture of the city, and there are very strong opinions in favor of the recent legalization of Gay Marriage and marijuana and a host of other liberal issues.

Essential Equipment

Bring an umbrella and boots.


Flag of Washington Seattle Mission


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President Yoon H. Choi

10675 NE 20th St
Bellevue WA 98004
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Christian, Atheism
It rains often in Seattle during the months of November-March, but lightens up and makes for great weather during the summer months.
Seattle, Bellevue


“One miracle that has happened recently is one of the people who used to attend church and even had a baptismal date came back to church! Yay! C—- is amazing and such a strong woman but she was going through some really hard times and instead of going to the Lord to get help she grew bitter towards God. We would still go visit her every now and then but she wasn’t really interested in what we had to say anymore. A few weeks ago she decided to come to church and is now coming to church every week and is attending the Relief Society activities. She is working on giving up smoking and we are just trying to be super supportive and help her with the difficult change.”

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