Washington Federal Way Mission

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Federal Way, Washington waterfront.
Federal Way, Washington waterfront.

The Church

There are 8 stakes located in the recently created Washington Federal Way Mission.  The strength of the Church allows for many other resources to be available in the area, such as a Bishop’s Storehouse in Kent, an Employment Resource Center and LDS Family Services Office in Renton, a Deseret Industries Store in Federal Way, and multiple Church seminaries.  Spanish, Korean, Marshallese, and YSA denominations are also scattered throughout the different stakes.

There are 276,837 members in Washington State and three temples, one of which is in Bellevue, Washington in the Seattle area (located nearby, but outside of mission boundaries). This temple is the largest in the state and continually stays busy due to the strength of the Church in the Seattle area. There are over 50 stakes and 500 congregations in Washington, and the numbers continue to grow with the expansion of missions.


The Seattle area is a home for great, fresh food. There is a great emphasis on eating local food, and the rural parts of the state take pride in working together to provide all types of fresh produce and fruits to the city areas. Seattle uses its resource of fresh seafood and offers many delicacies.  As the Seattle area is a very diverse, the suburbs have options to purchase for any diet, with many vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc. options in restaurants and grocery stores.

The ethnic options for cuisine in the Federal Way area abound, too. There are Asian and Mexican markets, along with specialty stores that provide ingredients for foreign dishes and meals.



Federal Way - King_County_Metro_Transit_DE60LF_2648 Like most stateside missions, missionaries will generally use either cars or bikes in their areas.  Designations are generally based on the size of the area and leadership positions. Public transportation services, such as buses, are also available in the area.



Safety is not a big issue for the most part, but missionaries should be cautious and obey mission rules, especially while working in more urban areas.

Essential Equipment

Bring warm clothes for winter and rain gear such as boots and rain jackets.  Take shoes that are easy to slip on/off, as many people expect you to take off your shoes when entering their home.

Additional Info

The Federal Way area is home to many outdoor parks, featuring hiking trails, waterfront views, and sports fields.  Federal Way is also home to two botanical gardens owned by the Weyerhaeuser company.

Mount Rainier National Park is also located within the mission boundaries.  The area of the National Park is home to many mountain hikes, glaciers, and snowfields.  Paradise, Washington (located within the park boundaries) is “the snowiest place on Earth where snowfall is measured regularly” according to the National Park Service.

Mount Rainier, photo cc-a3.0-u by Cullen328 at Wikimedia Commons.

Flag of Washington Federal Way Mission


United States
President Robert I. Eaton

23175 224th Pl SE Ste E
Maple Valley WA 98038
United States

English, Spanish
About 700,000
Protestant, Roman Catholic, Irreligious, LDS
Rainy and cloudy from October to April, average temperatures in the 40s; lovely weather with some humidity (70s-80s) for most of the summer months.
Federal Way, Kent, Renton, South Hill, Puyallup

Facebook page: Washington Seattle Mission and Washington Federal Way Mission group https://www.facebook.com/groups/286192198181144/


The work is going so well in Washington state that the Church recently created the Washington Federal Way mission! Check back in a year to hear what the first missionaries in the Washington Federal Way mission have to say!