Virginia Richmond Mission

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The Church

The Virginia Richmond Mission contains 6 stakes.  The church is rather strong in Virginia, with Spanish and YSA wards present in addition to English-speaking family wards.  Recent growth led to the mission splitting to also form the Virginia Chesapeake Mission.  The church has many resources in the Richmond Mission area, including multiple FamilySearch Centers, a Bishop’s Storehouse and Home Storage Center located in Richmond and a CES Institute in Charlottesville.

Members within the Virginia Richmond Mission attend the Washington D.C. Temple

Courtesy of © 2012, Eric C. Jorgensen,

Courtesy of © 2012, Eric C. Jorgensen,


Missionaries serving in Richmond can expect to find typical American food, with dishes such as barbecue, fried chicken, and sandwiches being common.  Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue is a popular well-known barbecue restaurant in Richmond, and is well worth a visit for some authentic barbecue. Hispanicinfluences are also present, with grocery stores and restaurants specializing in Latin American foods also present.  


Like most stateside missions, missionaries will mostly use either cars or bikes in their areas.  Designations are generally based on the size of the area and leadership positions.  The city of Richmond also has its own bus system, though service is relatively limited.


While the Richmond area has historically had a high crime rate, crime levels have been steadily decreasing for the last several years.  Despite the decrease in crime, Richmond still has relatively high rates of property crime and larceny/theft.  As you move into more rural areas (which make up quite a lot of the mission area), overall levels of crime decrease.  While it is not very common, Richmond does occasionally get hit by tropical storms and other types of severe weather.


The city of Richmond is home to several city parks, many of which are located along the James River and have hiking and biking trails.  Outdoor activities, such as rafting or kayaking down the river are popular.  Nearby theme parks such as Busch Gardens and King’s Dominion are also popular destinations.  The Richmond area is also home to the training camp for the NFL’s Washington Redskins and multiple auto-racing tracks.

The James River, located in the Virginia Richmond mission.

Local Lingo

“Y’all” – the stereotypical slang, used in place of the plural form of “you”

The Richmond mission covers a large area, and there are some differences in accent in certain regions (particularly in more rural areas).  A few examples:

“Staunton” – the name of this city is actually pronounced “Stanton”

“Warshington” – Washington

“sunday service” – church

“fer” – for

“shar” – shower

Essential Equipment

Be prepared for all four seasons while serving in the Richmond area!  Though winters are generally not extremely snowy, it can still get rather cold.  Sleet and freezing rain are common during the winter.  Make sure to have water-resistant shoes and an umbrella, as it rains regularly throughout most of the year.

Flag of Virginia Richmond Mission


United States
President Ervin B. Wilson

9327 Midlothian Tpke Ste 1B
Richmond VA 23235-4965
United States

English, Spanish
About 1.3 million in the Richmond metropolitan area
Baptist, Roman Catholic, Methodist, other Protestant churches (including non-denominational)
Summers are hot and very humid, while winters are generally milder. The northern areas of the mission are more likely to experience snowfall. Heavy rain is not uncommon, especially during the summer months.
Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Stafford, Harrisonburg, Culpeper

Facebook group – “Virginia Richmond Mission Alumni” -


Straight from the Virginia Richmond Mission:

*What items were hard to get or not available?

*What did you eat the most of?

*What is the craziest thing you ate?
“A disgusting tuna casserole”

*What was most surprising about the culture?
“Everyone saying phrases like: y’all, have a blessed day, and don’t worry I’ve been saved”

*What advice would you give to someone going to the Virginia Richmond Mission?
“Focus on how the gospel blesses families.”

*What do you wish you had known before you served?
“What music we could listen to.”

*Other comments?

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