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Snapshot of Venezuela – Spanish is the primary official language of Venezuela, although there are several other indigenous languages present within the country. Portuguese is also spoken in areas bordering Brazil. Over 90% of Venezuela’s population belongs to the Roman Catholic Church; Protestant religions are also present. Most of the population lives in urban areas in the north of the country.

Venezuela has been considered a “melting pot” nation, with many different cultural influences present. Indigenous, Spanish, African, and other European cultures have all contributed to the culture of Venezuela today. Popular festivals include Corpus Christi, which include parades, dancing, and elaborate costumes. Gaita Zuliana, Venezuelan rock, salsa, and calypso are popular musical styles in Venezuela. Baseball is the most popular sport in Venezuela, though basketball and soccer are also popular. Meat (including beef, goat, chicken, and rabbit), corn, rice and beans, and plantains are common elements of Venezuelan meals. Fish and seafood dishes are common in coastal areas. Popular dishes include pabellón criollo (rice and black beans served with shredded beef), polenta (a cornmeal porridge often served with sausage), and pastitsio (a lasagna-like dish made with pasta and ground beef).

The Church

Venezuela was dedicated for the preaching of the restored Gospel in 1966; the country has rapidly expanded since. As of October 2013, the country held 157,795 members in four different missions, with 281 total congregations. In addition, there are four family history centers and one temple. Church membership in Venezuela has tripled within the past decade–what a wonderful time to be a missionary in Venezuela!



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Mailing times and prices are similar to other Latin American countries. Packages to Venezuela take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive. DHL and FedEx are more reliable services but also more expensive. For more information, you can visit The United Postal Service website for Venezuela.



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