Russia Vladivostok Mission

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The Russia Vladivostok Mission is geographically the largest mission in the world. It spans from Irkutsk in Siberia to Sakhalin, an island on the east coast. The largest church in Russia is the Russian Orthodox Church, which claims about 40% of the population. Another 40% does not practice religion. Several other religions are also present, with certain southern regions having majority populations of Muslims or Buddhists.

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The Church

The branches are all relatively new, approximately ranging from about 5-15 years old. Currently, Ulan-Ude and Sakhalin are the only cities with their own church buildings. The other branches meet in a rented space. The branches range in size from having as little as five active members to one hundred active members.


In Russia, soups (both hot and cold) are common parts of Russian meals, such as shchi, a cabbage and beef soup. Several meat dishes are also popular, such as shashlik (a marinated kebab) and pelmeni (dumplings filled with minced meat). They also love their varieties of bread. Russians do not generally season their food much. You will not find freezer meals, a big selection of “junk” food, or many American seasonings.

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As a missionary, you will have a variety of transportation options including the Tramvai (train), Ovtobus (bus), Marshrutka (small vans), taxis and walking. However, you will never ride bikeRussia Vl. 3s or drive cars.


Avoid appearing like a tourist and proselyting around other churches or government buildings. Follow the mission handbook and president’s rule,s and you will be just fine.


Russia has a rich and diverse history in areas such as architecture, literature, philosophy, science, music and dance, especially ballet. Modern Russian rock and pop are also popular. Ice hockey, basketball, and soccer are all favorite sports in Russia. Some elements of folk culture remain, such as matryoshka dolls and other art forms.


Essential Equipment

Something you will keep with you at all times is a passport belt. Bring one that is comfortable and easily accessible.

Additional Info

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Flag of Russia Vladivostok Mission


Russian Federation
President Gregory S. Brinton

Ul. Mordovtseva 3, 4th Floor
Primorskiy kray 690000

2,997,088 (combined population of opened cities)
Russian Orthodox, Buddhism
Hot, humid summers and extremely cold winters
Vladivostok, Ussuriysk, Nakhodka, Sakhalin, Artyom, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk, Angarsk, Khabaraovsk


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