Philippines Butuan Mission

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Butuan is the major city in this are of the Philippines. It is located near the Agusan River and is known for having a rich history and culture. Although the official language is Butuanon, most people there also understand Tagalog and English. The tropical climate and island geography create a diverse landscape including mountain ranges, caves, and beaches. Filipinos are extremely kind and friendly. They were even ranked the friendliest country in Asia by Their vibrant culture comes from an exciting mix of Chinese, Spanish, Arab, American and largely Malayan backgrounds.

Snapshot of the Philippines – English and Tagalog (also known as Filipino) are the two official languages of the Philippines, though there are several other major regional languages, most notably Cebuano (spoken in the Central Visayas region), Ilokano (spoken in northern Luzon), and Hiligaynon (spoken in the western Visayas and Mindanao). About 90% of the population in the Philippines is Christian, with the vast majority belonging to the Roman Catholic Church. However, a few southern areas, including the Sulu Archipelago, have a primarily Muslim population. Philippine culture is influenced by Malay, Spanish, and American cultures. Events such as barrio fiestas (neighborhood festivals) are common events featuring music, food, and dancing. The use of English as an official language has helped make many American trends popular in the Philippines as well, such as fast food, rock and hip hop music, and films. Basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines, though boxing, soccer, and volleyball are also popular. The Philippine martial art style Arnis is considered the national martial art. Eating out and regular snacks between main meals are popular in the Philippines. Rice is one of the staple foods in the Philippine. Corn, adobo (meat stew using pork or chicken), meat and vegetable rolls, seafood, empanadas, and several varieties of fruit and vegetable are also commonly eaten. Roasted pig is often served as the main course for festivals and special occasions.

The Church

The church was first introduced to the Philippines in 1898 but the first Filipino to join the church on the islands was not baptized until 1945. Today there are 675,166 members and two temples on the islands.


Butuan is known for its Barbeque. They are especially good at BBQ ribs. Seafood is also very popular and particularly delicious in Butuan.


Most people use people use Taxis, buses, or multicabs (a motorized tricycle). Expect to do a lot of walking on the island.


Butuan is a very safe place to be. It is known for being a very friendly down to earth community with low crime rates.


The people in the Philippines are very friendly and laid back. The culture and customs are typically very casual. It is common to wear jeans to the cinema or museum. They love color and fiestas and are likely to have frequent, lively parties.

Local Lingo

Most of this lingo is of Tagalog origin

·   Kano: White man, particularly an American white man

·   Dehins: No or none

·   Astig: A man who is tough and cool

·   Palpak: A failure, typically one that cannot be redeemed


Essential Equipment

The tropical environment and Island life calls for light clothing and breathable fabrics.

Flag of Philippines Butuan Mission


President Pastor B. Torres

LDS Chapel
Montilla Blvd, Butuan City
8600 Agusan del Norte

English, Filipino, Tagalog
Roman Catholicism
Low: 23 degrees celsius; high: 33 degrees celsius
Buenavista, Mangallanes