Panama Panama City Mission

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Snapshot of Panama – Panama’s official language is Spanish. More than half of this small country’s population lives in the Panama City/Colón metropolitan area. The vast majority of Panamanians are Roman Catholic, but there are significant numbers of Protestant and Evangelical churches present as well. Reggae, rock, and salsa are among the more popular types of music in Panama. Woodcarvings, pottery, masks, and Guna molas (a type of embroidered blouse) are examples of traditional Panamanian artwork. Panama’s Christian tradition is reflected in events such as the Christmas parade that takes place in Panama City every year. Traditional skirts known as polleras are worn by women for this and other festive occasions. Baseball is Panama’s most popular sport, though boxing, basketball, and soccer are also somewhat popular. Meat is regularly used in most Panamanian meals, be it beef, chicken, or pork. Rice and tortillas are common meal items as well, and several different types of tropical fruits (such as plantains, pineapples, papayas, and oranges) are frequently eaten. Empanadas and carimañolas (a type of empanada made using yuca) are popular as well.

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President Curtis F. Carmack

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Republica de Panama