Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission

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The Church

While there are 5 stakes located in the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission, the Church is quite strong in the area.  Spanish-language and YSA congregations are present in the region, as well as a military branch.  CES Institutes are located in Stillwater, Norman, and Edmond.  Oklahoma City also has a Bishop’s Storehouse, Church Home Storage Center, and an Employment Resource Center.  The Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple is actually located in Yukon, and has been servicing members in the region since it was dedicated in 2000.

The Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple. Photo cca-sa3.0u by Timothy Rollins at Wikimedia Commons.


Food in Oklahoma is similar to that found in other parts of the United States, though it is somewhat influenced by Texas and other southern states.  Popular dishes include biscuits and gravy, chicken-fried (or pan-fried) steak, barbecue pork, and cornbread.  Plenty of other typical American fare is available as well.

Chicken fried steak with gravy. Photo cca-2.0g by Jessica from Hove, United Kingdom at Wikimedia Commons.


Like other stateside missions, missionaries serving in the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission will usually have access to either a car or bicycle.  Designations are generally based on the size of the area and leadership responsibilities.

Oklahoma City also has a public bus system, but its routes are limited.  The city is currently working on plans to expand public transportation in the region.


Oklahoma City is part of Tornado Alley and the area is prone to tornados, hailstorms, and derechoes, especially from March to June.  Detailed information on what to do during a tornado can be found at http://www.ready.gov/tornadoes

Certain areas of the city are also strongholds for drug cartels, and missionaries should be careful when working in poorer urban areas.


Collegiate sports are very popular in the region.  The University of Oklahoma is located in Norman, Oklahoma State is located in Stillwater, and several smaller colleges and universities are also located throughout the region.  As a result, much of the culture of these college towns revolves around the local university.

The Oklahoma State Fair is another popular ten-day event that takes place each year in Oklahoma City.

Part of the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman, Oklahoma. Photo cca2.5g by Nicholas Benson at Wikimedia Commons.

Local Lingo

OKC – Oklahoma City

“Whenever” – sometimes used instead of “when”

“fixin’ to” – getting ready to do something, about to do something

“put it up” – to put away

Additional Info

Besides sports-related locations, there are plenty of other interesting sites in Oklahoma City!  The Myriad Botanical Gardens and Oklahoma City Zoo are two of the more popular tourist destinations in the city.  The city is also home to several parks and museums, such as the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

The Survivor Tree at the Oklahoma City National Memorial, in memory of victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. Photo copyright Dustin M. Ramsey.

Flag of Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission


United States
President Stewart R. Walkenhorst

416 SW 79th St Ste 210
Oklahoma City OK 73139-8121
United States

English, Spanish
About 1.9 million
Baptist, Methodist, Roman Catholic, other Evangelical and Protestant churches
Oklahoma's climate varies greatly, though summers are usually hot and humid (with temperatures in the 90s F). The area is prone to severe periods of drought, or of heavy rain. Severe weather is common from March to June (with thunderstorms and tornados), though heavy snowfall can sometimes occur in winter as well.
Oklahoma City, Norman, Lawton, Stillwater (OK), Wichita Falls (TX)


Mission blog of Pres. and Sis. Taylor (served until 2012) – http://taylorsinok.blogspot.com

Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/630737010273569/


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