Ohio Cleveland Mission

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The Church

There are 59,662 members of the Church in Ohio, two missions and one temple. Parley P. Pratt was the first missionary to step foot in Ohio territory and preach the Gospel. The Church as had many historical events take place here during the early days of the restoration.


The Cleveland area collected immigrants from all over Europe, which has added to the flavor of Cleveland cuisine. There are areas that highlight these different specialties found in neighborhoods called, Little Italy, Slavic Village, and Tremont.

This Eastern  European influence contributes greatly with local dishes like,  askielbasa, stuffed cabbage and pierogis. There is also a lot of corned beef in Cleveland.



Lake Erie contributes to a local meal of “Friday night fish fries” and other seafood delights.

Friday Night Special

Friday Night Special


There are grocery stores all over that will provide specialty products for diets and allergy needs too.


It’s easy to navigate yourself around Cleveland. There is the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport that has an easy access air transit commute into the city. The RTA provides great public transportation options through the bus and rail vehicles. RTA travels all over the city and throughout the suburbs of Cleveland. There are inner-city bus routes and lines aside from RTA that offer easy access throughout the area.

The I-71 connects Cleveland directly to the airport along with these cities, Coloumbus and Cincinnati. There is also I-77 which heads south of Cleveland. I-90 becomes known as the Innerbelt in downtown Cleveland.


Cleveland is a larger city in the United States and ranks itself among one of the highest cities of its size for crime. Both violent and property issues are involved in this statistic. Much of the violent crime can be avoided by staying away from certain neighborhoods completely or during the evening hours and keeping your wits about you when you’re moving through the city. If you have a specific daily route on foot, it is recommended that you vary your course so that you won’t be as easy to follow.


Cleveland takes pride in the arts with the nation’s second largest performing arts complex, PlayhouseSquare. They also have a world-renowned Orchestra that plays downtown at Severance Hall and many other art activities, which include, art galleries, exhibits, theater houses, and more.



University Square is another great spot of Cleveland. The Square designates its work to cultural, medical and educational institutions.

Athletics contribute to the culture of Cleveland. Their most popular national teams include, the Cavaliers, the Indians, and the Browns.


Flag of Ohio Cleveland Mission


United States
President Michael L. Vellinga

2070 W 117th St
Cleveland OH 44111
United States

2 million
It's a continental climate, which is typical because of its location to the Great Lakes. The average temperature in the summer is 75 degrees fahrenheit and winter temperatures are in the high 20s.

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