New Hampshire Manchester Mission

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The New Hampshire Manchester Mission is a scenic mission that includes five states in the New England area. The mission includes parts of New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts. Rich in American history, this mission is set in a more rural part of America with open space and friendly people.

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The Church

Vermont is one stake with less than 5,000 members

New Hampshire has about 8,000 members

Massachusetts has 25,000 members but is covered by multiple missions

Maine has a little more than 10,000 members

The church in this area is small and very spread out, but is growing a lot


New England is known for its dairy farms and its maple trees. This area is said to have the best maple syrup in the world. They have “sugar shacks,” which are seasonal restaurants where everything is made either with maple syrup or with maple syrup on the side. They have a lot of milk products such as cheese, ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s is from Vermont), butter and creams.

New England has a lot of French influence due to the bordering Canadian French province, Quebec. As a result, the food has some french influence.


Interstate Highways

Six mainline Interstate highways cross New England. Interstate highways ending in an even number run east-west; those ending in odd numbers run north-south. At least one serves each state and its respective capital city:

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) provides rail and subway service within the Boston metropolitan area, bus service in Greater Boston, and commuter rail service throughout Eastern Massachusetts and parts of Rhode Island. The New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Metro-North Commuter Railroad provides rail, serving many commuters in Southwestern Connecticut, while the Connecticut Department of Transportation operates the Shore Line East commuter rail service along the Connecticut coastline east of New Haven.

Amtrak provides interstate rail service throughout New England. Boston is the northern terminus of the Northeast Corridor line. The Vermonter connects Vermont to Massachusetts and Connecticut, while the Downeaster links Maine to Boston.

All the New England states (except Massachusetts) scored “Best” on the 2011 American State Litter Scorecard in which the fifty states were ranked for overall effectiveness and quality of their public space cleanliness—primarily roadway and adjacent litter—from state and related debris removal efforts.


This is a very safe part of the United States. It is mostly rural small cities with little crime.


As this is a lot of small rural towns, there is a lot of hunting and farming.


Local Lingo

The accent is particular to this part of the United States, but is not a drastic difference.

Essential Equipment

This is one of the coldest part of the United States. There is a lot of snow and very cold weather. However, the weather gets hot and humid in the summer. It is recommended to buy this cold weather equipment in the mission area as it will be made for the weather.

Flag of New Hampshire Manchester Mission


United States
President Philip M. Stoker

2 Bedford Farms Ste 208
Bedford NH 03110-6525
United States

New Hampshire: 1.321 million Maine: 1.329 million Vermont: 626,011 New York: 8.245 million Massachusetts: 6.646 million
The climate of New England varies greatly across its 500 miles (800 km) span from northern Maine to southern Connecticut: Interior Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and western Massachusetts have a humid continental climate. In this region the winters are long, cold, and heavy snow is common (most locations receive 60 to 120 inches (1,500 to 3,000 mm) of snow annually in this region). The summer’s months are moderately warm, though summer is rather short and rainfall is spread through the year. Cities like Worcester, MA, Concord, NH, and Burlington, VT average 60 to 80 inches (1,500 to 2,000 mm) of snow annually. The frost free growing season ranges from 90 days in far northern Maine and the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont - to 140 days along the Maine coast and in most of western Massachusetts.
Boston, Wrcester, Springfield, Manchester, Lowell, Cambridge


Straight from the New Hampshire Manchester Mission:

*What items were hard to get or not available?
“We had everything, it was just expensive.”

*What did you eat the most of?
“Sea food, meat & potatoes. All fresh, home grown or caught at see.”

*What is the craziest thing you ate?
“End of the month surprise- the member put all they had left from the end of the month together: pasta, tomatoes, eggs, bacon bits & green beans”

*What was most surprising about the culture?
“New Englanders have a hard shell at first but are full of love. We had several car problems & they would not hesitate to stop & help immediately!”

*What advice would you give to someone going to the New Hampshire Manchester Mission?
“Serve with love! All hearts & minds can be changed with love!”

*What do you wish you had known before you served?
“You can’t force change, you can influence change through the spirit.”

*Other comments?
“The spirit is the most important part of your mission! It drives you to say, act & be the missionary you should be. Obedience, love & service increase the presence of the spirit in your life!”

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