Missouri St Louis Mission

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We are still collecting information on the Missouri St Louis Mission. If you served in this mission and are willing to share your experiences with us, please contact us at editor@missionhome.com


The famous St. Louis arch at night. Photo courtesy of Daniel Schwen.

The famous St. Louis arch at night. Photo courtesy of Daniel Schwen.

The Church

Temple in St. Louis, Missouri. Photo courtesy of Jacob Allen.

Temple in St. Louis, Missouri. Photo courtesy of Jacob Allen.

Members of the church in the area of typically willing to help out with missionary work as much as possible. Like other missions, retention is difficult and there are many less active members in the area along with many part-member families. The church is still fairly small in the area, but it is growing with the help of willing members.


BBQ is very big here. Corn is very popular and people eat it for most dinners. Frozen Custard is also a popular regional favorite, along with cajun food.


Missionaries in the city ride the metro system which consists of buses and also the Metrolink Train. Missionaries outside of the city either ride bikes or have cars.


St. Louis and some of the surrounding areas can dangerous, but missionaries generally avoid trouble by using common sense and following all mission rules. There areas that are more safe than others, usually in the suburbs. You should avoid conspicuously carrying anything that might attract theft or other undesirable attention.


Visiting the Gateway Arch and Ted Drewes frozen custard are popular local customs. The local sports teams, including the Cardinals, Blues, and Rams are also quite popular. City Museum, Forest park, the Basillica are all great places to visit, and the Fox theatre is good for shows.

Local Lingo

People talk slang in the city, use a more standard dialect in the suburbs, and have a more “country” dialect in the rural areas.

Rural areas are referred to as the sticks.

Essential Equipment

Reliable rain gear and warm winter gear are a must.

Flag of Missouri St Louis Mission


United States
President Thomas W. Morgan

1850 Craigshire Rd Ste 205
St Louis MO 63146
United States

Humid continental climate, Humid subtropical climate
St. Louis


One time while I was at a metro link station in St. Louis, I was almost shot but saved by a light pole which deflected the bullet.  I had very many run ins with drunks. They exsist almost everywhere there in St. Louis and will wander the Streets. Many of the people I found to teach were foiund through members and also found in random places.
(These Questions are all examples. Feel Free to ask additional questions)
What items were hard to get or not available? Anything current in style mostly anywhere else.  In-N-OUT is something you cannot get.

What did you eat the most of?
I ate mostly corn. And lots of bbq which was amazing. Pasta.

What is the craziest thing you ate?
I never ate anything too crazy but I know a missionary who had road kill.

What was most surprising about the culture
How much people cared for each other there and what they would do to help.

What advice would you give to someone going to this Mission?
Be ready for a wide variety of people. Be prepared for the weather also by having the right equipment.

What do you wish you had known before you served?
I wish I had known that how drastic the weather changes are.

Is there anything you would’ve liked to have known when you just got on your mission?
How did the MSF work.  What food should I buy to have in the apartment and how much of it. Mission specific rules.