Missouri Independence Mission

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The Church

In the state of Missouri there are over 65,000 members, two missions and two temples. At one time in history Independence, Missouri, was the gathering place for the early Saints right after the Restoration of the Church. The Church has had incredible experiences in this area and also harsh ones as the early Saints were driven out by locals.

One of the temples in Missouri, the Kansas City Temple

One of the temples in Missouri, the Kansas City Temple


Missouri is in the midwest and loves some good ole’ home cookin’. Meets on the grill and BBQ dishes are a favorite in Missouri. But they don’t limit their tastebuds to these midwestern influences. There are many restaurants and food localities that cook delightful meals for all appetites.


BBQ Ribs with beans and cole slaw

The grocery stores and markets offer great produce and fruit. There are specialty stores for certain dietary needs and foreign sections too.


The main way to get around Independence is by car. The majority of the city owns and travels by car. There are nine different highways and freeways that connect Independence to Kansas City (I-70 and I-435, U.S. Route 24 and Route 12) and other major locations throughout the US.

An Amtrak station moves through the city and the metro bus line, which connects to various neighborhoods throughout Independence.


Independence statistics show that the crime rate is above the national average. There are specific locations that affect this statistic and should be avoided during evening hours. During the daylight, the area is safe, but it is important to have your wits about you while traveling.


Independence is the starting grounds for three frontier trails: Santa Fe, California and Oregon. This festival is called Santicaligon Days, held in honor of this heritage.

SantiCaliGon Days

SantiCaliGon Days

There is another festival celebrating its heritage, The Independence Heritage Festival. This festival highlights the diverse culture that Independence has.

Independence also enjoys its museums and art community. There are several museums and activities that showcase this talented community.

Flag of Missouri Independence Mission


United States
President Randy J. Vest

517 W Walnut St
Independence MO 64050-3632
United States

Expect a bit more rain than on average, warm summers with temperatures of 80+ and the winter lows to 20 degrees.

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