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“My son is currently serving in this mission.  We thought we knew about Minnesota – a lot of farmland, Scandinavian and German descent.  Even the research we did before he left confirmed that.  About as American as you can get.  What we didn’t find out until he got there is that there are A LOT of new immigrants & political refugees there!  According to my orthodontist, who did his residency there, there are a lot of Africans in Minneapolis, and Asians in St Paul.  There are assigned Hmong-speaking missionaries, who learn the language in the MTC.  My son went out English speaking, then after 3 months was asked to learn a language:  he now works with the Karen (pronounced kuh-REN) people, who are political refugees out of Burma.  He and his companion learned the Karen language from the previous set of missionaries, who learned it from another set.  They will be companions and work with these people for most of the rest of their mission.” – Missionary Mom, Chandler AZ

The Church

In 1875, the first official Latter-day Saint congregation in Minnesota was organized in Freeborn County. By 1877, five more congregations were organized, and in 1882, there were 75 members. Many early missionaries were targeted with eggs, stones, and threats. With time, persecutions lessened and understanding increased among community members.

By the turn of the 20th century, most Minnesota converts had left for Zion. The handful who remained worked to build the Church. Minnesota Conference headquarters were established in Minneapolis in 1900 and on 20 May a Sunday School was organized in Minneapolis and another was organized in St. Paul on 5 August. The Sunday Schools were combined in 1902. The new unit had an average attendance of 50. Mission president German E. Ellsworth served from 1904-1919, and under his leadership, the first Church-owned building in Minnesota was purchased on 9 May 1914 for the St. Paul Branch. A baptismal font was installed in its basement for baptismal services for converts from the entire state. By 1919, membership had increased to 4,000 in 30 branches. A meetinghouse was dedicated in Minneapolis on 26 October 1924 by President Heber J. Grant and Elder George Albert Smith of the Quorum of the Twelve. By 1930, there were three districts in the state: the North, South and Lake.

The Minnesota Stake, the first in the state, was organized in Minneapolis on 29 November 1960 with six wards and five branches, and a membership of 2,600. When the name of the Minnesota Stake was changed to the Minneapolis Minnesota Stake in 1974, it had 4,936 members. Two years later, the St. Paul Stake was created. The Minnesota-Manitoba Mission was created in 1970. Boundary changes occurred creating the Minnesota-Wisconsin Mission in 1973. Three years later the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission was created.

A temple was dedicated in St. Paul on 9 January 2000.


Flag of Minnesota Minneapolis Mission


United States
President Stephen W. Forbes

5931 W 96th St
Bloomington MN 55438-1715
United States

City local: 392,880; State LDS: 31,298
Evangelical, Catholic, Protestant
Minneapolis is situated at the point where the Minnesota River joins the Mississippi River on flat or gently rolling terrain. Sixteen lakes are located within the city limits. The city's climate is continental, with large seasonal temperature variations and a favorable growing season of 166 days. Severe weather conditions, such as blizzards, freezing rain, tornadoes, and wind and hail storms are fairly common. Winter recreational weather is excellent.

About Minneapolis: http://www.city-data.com/us-cities/The-Midwest/Minneapolis.html

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