Mexico Saltillo Mission

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The Mexico Saltillo mission is a new mission that opened in summer of 2013. Before its formation, the area was covered by the Mexico Monterrey west mission. Many of the missionaries in this mission may have come from the Monterrey west mission. Saltillo is the capital of the Mexican state Coahuila. The mission covers almost the entire state of Coahuila. This is located only about five hours from the border of Mexico and Texas.

Saltillo, Mexico. Photo courtesy of

Saltillo, Mexico. Photo courtesy of

The Church

A majority of people in Mexico are of the Roman Catholic faith, though the presence of the LDS Church is growing. The closest LDS temple to the mission is in Monterrey, Mexico. There are currently three stakes inside Saltillo itself.

Temple in Monterrey, Mexico. Photo courtesy of


The staple of any diet in the Saltillo Mexico mission is meat. One of the most popular types of meat used is that of a kid, or a young goat. There are some dishes that are unique to this mission, such as machacha (dried meat) and chicharron (pork cracklings). Meat is often eaten in frittatas and gorditas, which are common throughout all of Mexico. They are unique to Saltillo; however, because kid meat is used.

Courtesy of feasting in Phoenix.

Typical Mexican food.


Saltillo is home of the Plan de Guadalupe International Airport, which is the best way to fly into or out of the area. Many people also fly to nearby Monterrey and take a bus to Santillo. As with many cities, there is a lot of public transportation in Saltillo. The most common public transportation includes buses and taxis. Many locals get around by car or motorcycle. The roads in Mexico can be difficult to get used to. It may require some study and practice to get used to the roads.


It is recommended that missionaries never travel alone during the day or at night. They should avoid going out at night, especially in dark spots in the city. As long as missionaries are careful, they should be able to avoid any unwanted violence.

Additional Info

Previous parents to the missionaries in these areas have recommended placing pictures of Jesus Christ or Mary on the outside of envelopes and packages sent to missionaries. They have said this will discourage workers cutting into the mail to look for anything valuable. Others recommend using USPS to send mail because it is more reliable and will not have any issues with workers.

Flag of Mexico Saltillo Mission


President L. Fernando Rodriguez

Eulalio Gutierrez #1057
Colina Las Praderas
C.P. 25295 Saltillo, Coahuila

2.748 million (Coahuila population)
Roman Catholic (80%), LDS or other Christian (12%)
Saltillo is located in the desert, so the summers are fairly hot. The nights during the summer are cool. The sun shines year-round, though winters are cool. There is not much rainfall in Saltillo; the most rain will occur around August. Throughout the year, the temperature varies between 42 and 87 degrees Fahrenheit.
Saltillo, Torreon, Monclova, Piedras Negras


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