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The Church

There are 6 stakes located within the Baltimore Maryland mission, which also includes some parts of Virginia and West Virginia.  A few Spanish language wards are also located within the mission boundaries.  The Church also has several other resources located in the area, including a YSA Ward and a Bishop’s Storehouse in Baltimore, an LDS Family Services Center in Fredericksburg, and multiple FamilySearch Centers.  The region is serviced by the nearby Washington DC temple (located in the Washington DC North Mission).

Most members of the Maryland Baltimore mission live within the temple boundaries for the Washington D.C. Temple. The Washington D.C. Temple served 43 stakes from 7 different states!

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While missionaries serving in the Maryland Baltimore Mission one can expect to find similar to food to what they would find in other parts of the United States, the Baltimore area also has its own unique dishes.  With its location on the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore is best-known for its crab dishes, especially soft shell blue crabs, and crab cakes.  Another distinctive part of Baltimorean cooking is Old Bay Seasoning, a spice that is used in most seafood dishes (and lots of other food as well!)  Other popular dishes include corned beef and coddies (fish cakes made with cod and potatoes).  Another unique dish is Baltimore Pit Beef BBQ.  Grilled beef is sliced into thin strips and then heaped onto a kaiser roll with onion and horseradish sauce.


Like most stateside missions, missionaries will mostly use either cars or bikes in their areas.  Designations are generally based on the size of the area and leadership positions.  Because of Baltimore’s large population and its proximity to Washington DC, traffic can be especially bad during rush hour on highways and other major thoroughfares.  Baltimore is serviced by a public bus network, a metro subway, and a light rail system.  The city also has a large bicycle route system.

The Baltimore Light Rail.


Though crime levels in Baltimore have dropped significantly over the past several years, the overall crime rate remains higher than the national average.  Crime tends to be concentrated in lower-income areas where drug use is also a frequent problem, such as Ellwood Park and Berea.  Missionaries should use caution and common sense when visiting these areas.  However, most areas of the mission are quite safe, especially in the more rural parts of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia that are also included in the mission boundaries.


Row houses are prominent throughout the Baltimore area, and most neighborhoods within the city are composed of row houses without any type of front yard.

The two major sports teams, the Baltimore Orioles (MLB) and the Baltimore Ravens (NFL) both enjoy a large following in the region.  Lacrosse is another popular sport in the region.

Local Lingo

Baltimore has its own unique accent that is characterized by the frequent dropping of syllables from words.  For example, “Baltimore” becomes “Balmer”, “Maryland” becomes “Merlin” or “Murland”, “ambulance” becomes “amblance”.  R sounds are also occasionally added to some words, such as “Washington” becoming “Warshington”.

Some common slang includes:

“goin’ downy ocean” – going to the ocean, (usually Ocean City, MD), used in summer

“Natty Boh” – National Bohemian, a local beer

“O’s” – nickname for the Baltimore Orioles, the MLB team.

“hon” – a term of endearment

Additional Info

Baltimore is a historic city, and there are plenty of sites to visit!  The Baltimore Inner Harbor area has many sites, including the stadiums for the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens and the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  Camden Yards (the stadium for the Baltimore Orioles) is host to a yearly Mormon night, where missionaries and many members from the area attend a Baltimore Orioles baseball game.

The National Aquarium at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor


A baseball game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Other interesting sites in Baltimore include Fort McHenry (where the Star Spangled Banner was written) and the home and gravesite of Edgar Allen Poe.  The nearby city of Annapolis (Maryland’s capital) also has several historical sites.

Flag of Maryland Baltimore Mission


United States
President Mark L. Richards

4785 Dorsey Hall Dr Ste 105
Ellicott City MD 21042-7728
United States

English, Spanish
About 2.7 million in the Baltimore metropolitan area, with an additional 400,000-500,000 in outlying areas.
Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, other Protestant churches, Jewish
Summers are hot and very humid (temperatures often reach the 90s), and afternoon thunderstorms are common. Winters are cool, though the suburbs and rural areas are much more likely to get snow than the city of Baltimore. Freezing rain and sleet are also common during the winter. Spring and autumn are milder, with less intense heat and humidity.
Baltimore, Towson, Annapolis, Frederick, Columbia, Hagerstown

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