Marshall Islands Majuro Mission

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Snapshot of the Marshall Islands – The official languages of the Marshall Islands are Marshallese and English. Most of the country’s population lives on the islands of Majuro and Ebeye. The Marshall Islands are a dominantly Christian country, with the largest denominations being the United Church of Christ (which accounts for about half of the population), Assemblies of God, Roman Catholic Church, and the LDS church (which is about 8.3% of the population). Family and community ties are considered very important. Families are connected in clans, and land ownership is passed down from generation to generation. A child’s first birthday is an important celebration in Marshallese culture. Fish and seafood dishes are common in the Marshall Islands, and breadfruit, coconut, and pandanus are also used in many dishes. Rice and chicken are also popular. Roasted chestnuts are a popular snack item.

Snapshot of Nauru (part of the Marshall Islands Mission) – The official languages of Nauru are Nauruan and English. Missionary work by the Church is restricted in Nauru, and only temporary visits by representatives of the Church is allowed. About 70% of the population is Christian, while Buddhists and members of the Bahá’i faith account for about 10% each. Nauru is the most obese nation in the world – about 95% of the population is overweight or obese. Australian rules football is the most popular sport in Nauru; weightlifting is a popular traditional sport. Fish and seafood dishes, as well as coconut and banana, are commonly used in Nauruan cuisine. Coconut and banana are especially popular in desserts.

Snapshot of Kiribati (part of the Marshall Islands Mission)
The official languages of Kiribati (pronounced kirr-i-bas) are English and Gilbertese. Kiribati’s population is primarily Christian, with the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches being particularly dominant. About 15% of the population is LDS, however, only about one third of these are active. Community and family are very important in the culture of Kiribati, and most communities have a maneaba that is used as a community hall, court, and center for cultural celebrations. Sailing and fishing continue to play a large role in the life of much of Kiribati’s population. Traditional song and dance, including body percussion, continue to be held in high esteem. Kiribati is also home to unique martial arts styles that vary from island to island. Fish and seafood dishes such as lobster and tuna are the main staples of the cuisine of Kiribati. Other popular ingredients include rice (which is served alongside most meals), coconut, breadfruit, pandanus and imported corned beef.

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Marshall Islands
President Thomas L. Weir

PO Box 1107
Majuro, MH 96960
Marshall Islands

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