Kenya Nairobi Mission

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Kenya – Kenya has two official languages, English and Swahili, but like in many other African nations, these languages are often the second language for many citizens whose first language is that of their ethnic group. The main ethnic groups in Kenya are Bantu and Nilotes. Kenya’s population is very young (over 70% of the population is under age 30) thanks to a high population growth rate. Over 80% of Kenya’s population is Christian, with most of these belonging to various Protestant faiths such as the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and the Anglican Church of Kenya. A little over 10% of the population is Muslim. The many different tribes within the country each have their own traditions and practices. The guitar is very popular in much of Kenyan music, and Genge and Kapuka (types of hip-hop) are also popular. While folk music is usually sung in tribal languages, popular music is generally in English or Swahili. In athletics, Kenya is best known for its middle- and long-distance runners, who often perform very well in the Olympics. However, soccer, cricket, rugby, and motor rallies are also popular. While each region has its own different foods, ugali (corn flour made into a porridge or dough ball) is eaten in most of the country, generally with a meat or vegetable stew. Nyama choma (grilled goat or sheep) is also popular in many areas.

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