Jamaica Kingston Mission

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We are still collecting information on the Jamaica Kingston Mission. If you served in this mission and are willing to share your experiences with us, please contact us at editor@missionhome.com


Snapshot of Jamaica – While Jamaica’s official language is English, many people speak Jamaican Patois, which is an English creole language. Jamaican Patois combines English with West African influences. Jamaica is a primarily Christian nation, with the Church God of Prophecy, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Pentecostal, and Baptist churches being among the more popular religious groups. Despite originating in Jamaica, the Rastafari movement makes up a rather small minority in the country. Jamaica has been very influential on the world music scene, with reggae, ska, dancehall, and other genres beginning in the country. Dance is also quite popular in Jamaica, and there are many different dance styles to accompany different genres of music. Cricket is the most popular team sport in Jamaica, though soccer and rugby also enjoy some popularity, and of course, the country is famous for its world-class runners. Jamaican food uses several kinds of meats, seafood, and tropical fruit. “Jerk” spice is used in many chicken and pork dishes. Other popular food items are curry goat, ackee (a type of tropical fruit) served with saltwater fish (usually cod), fried dumplings, and fried plantains. Ice cream is a common dessert, usually in tropical flavors like mango or soursop.

Snapshot of the Cayman Islands (part of the Jamaica Kingston Mission)
The Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory, and as such the official language is English. The Cayman Islands are primarily Christian, with the United Church, Anglican, Baptist, and Roman Catholic churches being among the more popular denominations. Cayman folk music uses the fiddle, as well as accordions and drums to create a unique sound. International pop music is also commonly heard. Soccer is the most popular sport in the Cayman Islands, though rugby, cricket, and squash are also popular. Fish and other types of seafood are the main staple for most Cayman meals, and are often served with peppers, tomatoes, onions, and a spicy sauce. Chowders and stews are also popular.

Snapshot of The Bahamas (part of the Jamaica Kingston Mission)
English is the official language of the Bahamas, though most of the population speaks a unique dialect with different pronunciations and slangs known as Bahamian English. Christianity is the dominant religion in the island nation, with the Baptist, Anglican, and Roman Catholic churches being the most popular denominations. Many Bahamians are very enthusiastic about religion and education as a result of historical Puritan influences. A popular cultural event in the Bahamas is Junkanoo – a large street carnival that happens on December 26th and January 1st. The carnival is marked by parades, costumes, and music. Goombay drums are popular, as well as other Caribbean musical styles such as soca, calypso , and reggae. Straw weaving, quilting, and canvas arts are all examples of traditional Bahamian art. Fish and seafood are popular in Bahamian cuisine. Conch is served in a variety of ways, be it deep fried, raw, steamed, or as part of a chowder or salad. Peas and rice accompany many meals, and other soups such as pea soup or souse (a thin soup with meat, celery, and onions) are popular as well.

Turks and Caicos Islands (part of the Jamaica Kingston Mission)
The official language of the Turks and Caicos Islands is English, though Turks and Caicos Creole (an English-based creole) is widely spoken. The islands are a British Overseas Territory. The population of Turks and Caicos Islands is primarily Christian, with the Baptist, Church of God, Catholic, and Methodist churches being among the more popular denominations. One of the most unique cultural aspects about the Tuks and Caicos Islands is ripsaw music, a type of music that uses a handsaw as a primary instrument. An object is scraped along the saw’s teeth, while other instruments (including drums and accordions) are also played. Straw baskets and hats are popular craft items, and fishing and sailing are other common activities. Cricket and soccer are the most popular sports on the islands. Seafood and fish are commonly used in dishes, especially conch. Other types of meat such as chicken, pork, and beef are also available. Meals usually include corn, rice, and vegetables in addition to the main course. Grits are also made using peas and dried conch.

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President Kevin G. Brown

4 Garelli Ave
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