Indiana Indianapolis Mission

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The Church

The Church is growing ever stronger in Indiana, with over 41,000 members living in the state!  There are currently 6 stakes located within the mission boundaries, with a few Spanish and YSA congregations located in the region as well.  There are CES Institutes located in Lafayette, Bloomington, and Indianapolis.  The Indianapolis Indiana temple was announced by President Monson in 2010, and is currently under construction.

The Indianapolis Indiana temple is coming soon!


Though typical American food can be found throughout the area, Indiana also has a few distinct dishes that are unique to the region.  Pork tenderloin sandwiches (which are similar to German wiener schnitzel) and beef and noodles are popular dishes in the area.  In some older-style, more rural restaurants, frog legs are also served.  Unique regional desserts include sugar cream pie and persimmon pudding.

Sugar cream pie. Photo cca-sa2.0g by Sarah Stierch at Wikimedia Commons.


As in other stateside missions, most areas use either cars or bicycles to get around.  Designations are generally made based on the size of the area or leadership positions.


Certain inner-city neighborhoods in the Indianapolis area are notorious for high crime rates, though the main downtown area is considerably safer.  Missionaries should exercise caution when working in these areas.  Speak to members or leaders to find out what areas should be avoided.


The northern city of South Bend exhibits a great amount of influence from Catholic culture, in large part because of its proximity to Notre Dame University and two other smaller Catholic colleges, as well as its heritage as an area where Polish Catholic immigrants settled.  Celebrations such as Dyngus Day and Fat Tuesday are major events in the area, and the popularity of Notre Dame University sporting events draws many people to the region.  Paczki (Polish donuts) are the traditional food in the city for the celebration of Fat Tuesday.

Notre Dame stadium.

Paczki donuts, a traditional food of Fat Tuesday.

Local Lingo

“hoosier” – someone from Indiana

“worsh” – pronunciation of “wash” in some rural areas

“pop” – soda

Additional Info

Indianapolis has a wide variety of interesting sites to visit!  For sporting fans, Indianapolis is home of the Indy 500 of NASCAR, as well as the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts and the NBA’s Indiana Pacers.  Indianapolis also has six Cultural Districts within the city which feature a variety of historical sites and monuments.  The area is also home to several regional parks, the Indianapolis Zoo, and several museums.

The Indiana Central Canal, located in central Indianapolis. Photo cca2.0g by Serge Melki at Wikimedia Commons.

Flag of Indiana Indianapolis Mission


United States
President Steven C. Cleveland

777 Sunblest Boulevard
Fishers, IN 46038-1167
United States

English, Spanish
About 4 million in the mission area.
Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, other Protestant
Indianapolis has a humid continental climate, with hot, humid, summers (with highs between 85 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit), and cold winters where temperatures regularly dip below freezing. Spring and summer are the rainiest times of year, and thunderstorms are common. Snowfall also occurs regularly during the winter.
Indianapolis, South Bend, Lafayette, Bloomington


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