England London Mission

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We are still collecting information on the England London Mission. If you served in this mission and are willing to share your experiences with us, please contact us at editor@missionhome.com


Snapshot of England – The official language of England is English, though Cornish is a recognized regional language of Cornwall. About 60% of England’s population is Christian, though irreligion has been increasing in recent years. The Church of England is the dominant religion in the country. English culture has a rich history in architecture, literature, science, and the arts. Many aspects from historical English culture continue to have some influence today, such as the popularity of the Royal Family, tea drinking, and other activities. English drivers drive on the left-hand side of the road. Soccer, cricket, and rugby are the most popular sports in the country. England has several distinct dishes, such as meat pies, sausages (usually called “bangers”), steak and kidney pudding, and fish and chips. A traditional English breakfast is a large meal, involving sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, and other items. Puddings, pies, and scones are among popular dessert items. Indian food is also quite popular in England, with chicken tikka masala being one of the most popular dishes.


Flag of England London Mission


United Kingdom
President David J. Jordan

64-68 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road
South Kensington, London
England SW7 2PA
United Kingdom



Straight from the England London Mission:

*What items were hard to get or not available?

*What did you eat the most of?
“Rice, Pasta”

“potatoes and beef”

*What is the craziest thing you ate?

*What was most surprising about the culture?
“politeness of the people irregardless of social standing”

*What advice would you give to someone going to the England London Mission?
“Work hard, & enjoy the experience”

“Do not take tracting rejections seriously–smile and say ok…then leave”

*What do you wish you had known before you served?
“mission politics gets pathetic–avoid at all costs”

*Other comments?
“Buy suits all same color and manufacturer and buy shoes with a strong welt-bottom”

**Did you serve in the England London Mission? If so we could love to hear your advice and your stories! Please contact us at editor@missionhome.com**