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Snapshot of England – The official language of England is English, though Cornish is a recognized regional language of Cornwall. About 60% of England’s population is Christian, though irreligion has been increasing in recent years. The Church of England is the dominant religion in the country. English culture has a rich history in architecture, literature, science, and the arts. Many aspects from historical English culture continue to have some influence today, such as the popularity of the Royal Family, tea drinking, and other activities. English drivers drive on the left-hand side of the road. Soccer, cricket, and rugby are the most popular sports in the country. England has several distinct dishes, such as meat pies, sausages (usually called “bangers”), steak and kidney pudding, and fish and chips. A traditional English breakfast is a large meal, involving sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, and other items. Puddings, pies, and scones are among popular dessert items. Indian food is also quite popular in England, with chicken tikka masala being one of the most popular dishes.

The Church

There are eight stakes located within the England Birmingham Mission.  Many other Church resources are located in the region, including Employment Centers and several CES Institutes.  While there is not a temple located within the mission boundaries, the area is served by two temples – the London England Temple and the Preston England Temple.


Missionaries serving in the England Birmingham Mission can expect to eat typical British foods such as fish and chips or bangers and mash (sausages with mashed potatoes).  The area’s cultural diversity shows in the presence of many Asian and Indian residents (Birmingham even has its own Chinatown).  There are many Chinese and Indian restaurants in Birmingham, so don’t be surprised if you eat Indian dishes such as chicken tikka masala – the Indian dish is so popular that it is sometimes considered a national dish.

Chicken tikka masala, a popular Indian dish. Photo cca2.0g by Michael Hays at Wikimedia Commons.


Your manner of transportation will vary from area to area.  While there are some areas that use bicycles or cars, you will mostly rely on either your own two feet or public transportation.  Birmingham has extensive (and widely used) rail, bus, and metro systems.

A train in Birmingham. Photo cca-sa3.0u by Hyperen at Wikimedia Commons.


Birmingham has lower crime levels than any of the other large cities, or “core cities” of England.  However, missionaries should always be aware of their surroundings and leave if a situation seems potentially dangerous, especially at night.


Birmingham is home to many festivals throughout the year.  The city is home to the largest European St. Patrick’s Day parade outside of Dublin.  Other major events during the year are the Birmingham Tattoo military show and the St. George’s Day Party.  Birmingham also hosts the largest outdoor Christmas market in the entire United Kingdom, which has become a major tourist attraction.

A scene from the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Birmingham. Photo cca-sa2.0g by bongo vongo at Wikimedia Commons.

Local Lingo

In addition to its distinctive accent, there are a wide variety of slang terms used in England.  Here are a few common terms to get you started:

“Brill” – Short for “brilliant.”  Used to describe many things.

“Chuffed” – means someone is really pleased about something.

“dead” – often used instead of “very”

Money slang – “quid” – one pound note, “fiver” – five pound note, “tenner” – ten pound note

“gutted” – to be upset or disappointed

The England Birmingham Mission also includes portions of Southern Wales.  While Welsh is not widely spoken, it is still an official language of Wales.

Additional Info

Nottingham is a popular tourist destination in the area, thanks to its association with Robin Hood.  As such, there are several history-based tourist sites, and yearly events such as the summertime Robin Hood festival and October’s Robin Hood Pageant.  Nottingham is also home to the yearly Nottingham Goose Fair, a fair that is believed to have been first held in 1284. The only times it has not been held since then were during bubonic plague and the World Wars.

The Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham, one of many historical sites in the region. Photo cca-sa3.0u by Fayerollinson at Wikimedia Commons.

Flag of England Birmingham Mission


United Kingdom
President Robert C. Rasmussen

187 Penns Lane
West Midlands
Sutton Coldfield
England B76 1JU
United Kingdom

About 7 million
Church of England, Roman Catholic, other Christian, Islam, Irreligious
Birmingham has a temperate climate. High temperatures in summer usually reach around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, while temperatures can drop below freezing in the winter, and snow is more common than in London.
Birmingham, Nottingham, Gloucester, Cardiff, Peterborough


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