El Salvador Santa Ana

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Snapshot of El Salvador – Spanish is El Salvador’s official language. The dialect spoken in El Salvador is similar to other Central American countries such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras. Most Salvadorans are of mixed ancestry (generally of both European and Native American descent). A little over 50% of the population is Roman Catholic, and nearly 28% of the population belongs to Protestant churches. The LDS Church represents about 1.4% of El Salvador’s population. El Salvador’s culture represents a blend of Spanish and Indigenous influences. Ceramics and textiles are popular traditional art forms. Catholicism also dominates many cultural aspects of El Salvador, with several holidays based around Catholic traditions. Many of these holidays have traditional clothing that is worn in conjunction with the festivities. Reggaeton, salsa, cumbia, and hip hop music are all quite popular in El Salvador. Soccer is the country’s most popular sport, but basketball and volleyball are also somewhat popular. The pupusa is a unique food item of El Salvador. Pupusas are thick tortillas that are typically then stuffed with cheese, pork, and beans. Panes Rellenos is a popular type of submarine sandwich that generally uses either chicken or turkey. Seafood, tamales, soups, and fresh fruit are also popular.

Flag of El Salvador Santa Ana


El Salvador
President Ronald L. Spjut

Apartado Postal #142
Iglesia de Jesucristo SUD
CP Santa Ana, Santa Ana
El Salvador