Colorado Denver North Mission

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Colorado is bordered by Wyoming to the north, Nebraska and Kansas to the east, by New Mexico and Oklahoma on the south and by Utah and Arizona on the west. The four states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona meet at one point known as the Four Corners, the “Heart of the Midwest.

Denver is the capital of Colorado and it the most populated city in the state (about 620,000). Colorado has the highest summits of the Rocky Mountains and the highest average elevations in the United States. The state is known for having a population of healthy, active residents, mostly due to the number of outdoor activities available to them. Along with four national parks, 11 national forests, 41 national wilderness areas and two national conservation areas, Colorado is home to over 150 colleges and universities. The majority of Colorado colleges are located in Denver such as the University of Denver, the Art Institute of Colorado and the Metropolitan State College of Denver. One of the most well-known schools in the state is the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The Colorado North mission is very diverse with city, suburb and rural areas. Many of the people are very religious and attend church each week. One reason could be because the state motto is “Nil sine Numine,” which is Latin for “Nothing without the Deity.”

Since many people already have a belief in God, missionary work can be both easy and difficult; easy in the sense that people are willing to talk about it, but difficult because they have a tradition of religion already established in their lives. Also, because there is a lot of religion, there are lots of people searching for the truth, which creates an atmosphere of faith.

The Church

The LDS church is strong here. There is a currently second temple under construction in the city of fort Collins. The number of church members increases moving closer to Wyoming, and in Denver itself, there are not as many members per capita.

Member work is fairly strong and generates a lot of investigators for missionaries. Members are very involved and very vocal about their faith. They have many opportunities to share the gospel with their friends since there is an atmosphere of faith already prevalent among the people.

Activity rate among members seems to vary among areas. Less-active work is a large part of what missionaries do.


There is a current trend of pizza buffets. One notable one is CiCi’s pizza. Chipotle restaurant (a Mexican-style, burrito and salad restaurant) was founded in Denver and is also very popular.


Most missionaries will use a bicycle in their areas. Some areas provide bikes, but most missionaries end up buying their own to carry with them to new areas, or they walk. There are a limited number of vehicles, and these tend to be saved mostly for mission leadership and missionaries in far-away areas.

Buses are an important part of city areas, as well as taxi systems.


Like any other city, there are areas that tend to be more dangerous at night. They are well-known parts of town, and missionaries should not go there after dark. Follow the rules of the mission and instruction of your mission president, and you will be fine.



The American football team, the Broncos, are very popular. It is important missionaries know when they are playing games.

The people in general are very health-conscious. Many people participate in outdoor activities including skiing, biking and hiking

Local Lingo

English-speaking missionaries will learn a little bit of Spanish.

The definition of “camping” is very specific; if you do not have a backpack with all your gear, it is considered “car camping.”

Essential Equipment

Bicycle with fenders, a full-length raincoat (summer months are very wet and rainy), a warm winter coat, more than one pair of walking shoes.

Shipping of packages: Regular U.S. Postal Service

Flag of Colorado Denver North Mission


United States
President Brent M. Mendenhall

1250 Main St
Broomfield CO 80020
United States

English, Spanish
About 1.3 million
Christianity, Born-again, Catholic, LDS
Colorado is one of the sunniest states in the United States, boasting approximately 300 sunny days each year. Summer temperatures can reach 90 °F (32 °C) with low humidity and rainfall in the afternoons and evenings. This makes the daytime hours pleasant because the thunderstorms cool everything off over night. Winters range from mild to moderately cold. The average temperature in January, their coldest month, is 29 °F (−2 °C). Annual snowfall averages 59 inches (1.5 m) and can occur from early September through the end of May. Average precipitation overall is 15.9 inches (400 mm).
Denver, Denver suburbs of Arvada, Aurora, Westminster-Fort Collins, Boulder, and Greeley.


What was most surprising about the culture?

The people in this area are very nice and very open. It is important to be polite. They also appreciate being asked about their lives outside of religion

There are a lot of young adults because of all the college campuses in the mission.

What advice would you give to someone going to this Mission?

“Because it is very religious, it is very important to know how the gospel has affected your life and why it’s beneficial to you. You need to be able to articulate that to somebody. Doing this will reach their mind and intellect, but will also reach their heart as you testify.”

“Another important thing for this mission is to not be afraid to open your mouth. You will pass people all the time since lots of work is street contacting. There are lots of college campuses in this mission, so there are lots of people to talk to…always! Don’t be afraid to talk.”

–Richard Luther Pearson III

What do you wish you had known before you served?

“More of the Gospel message and doctrine and being lead by the Spirit.”