Colorado Colorado Springs Mission

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Colorado Springs is placed between the mountains of the West, deserts of the South, and plains of the East. Winters can be extreme, especially if serving in the mountain side of the mission. Colorado Springs is also one of the most lightning prone cities in the world (for unknown reasons). The people of Colorado typically have Christian-based religious ideas and are known for their active outdoor lifestyle. Church growth and retention are moderate.

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The Church

There are nearly 150,000 members of the Church in the state of Colorado, composed of over 30 stakes. Colorado is divided among four missions: Denver North, Denver South, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins mission. Retention rate is average. Converts with callings are more likely to be retained.


Food in Colorado is much like the typical cuisine of the United States. Because Colorado is cold, many missionaries are served soups, potatoes, and roasts in winter months. Burger joints, fast food, and American style restaurants are common.


Some missionaries have cars, but missionaries should expect to bike during the duration of the mission. Missionaries in colder or larger areas are more likely to have cars. Public transportation may be used in downtown Colorado Springs, but most missionaries spend more time biking or walking to appointments.


Colorado is a very safe place. Stay close to the spirit and be obedient to both mission rules and the white handbook and you should be safe. Also make sure to take standard safety precautions on preparation day and when doing service for others. Accidents can happen anyplace and the Lord expects you to take care of yourself even while serving on a mission.

Missionaries should be aware of petty theft or mugging. Though this is a rarety, it is most likely to happen in downtown areas.


Pueblo has the state fair (great for street contacting) and chili days, alamosa celebrates the 24th of July, there is always something going on in springs

Local Lingo

You will pick up some American mid-west slang as well as some Spanish slang

Essential Equipment

The biggest thing Рa warm coat! There is a freezing wind that comes down from Canada during the winters and you will want/need a very warm coat! Winter gloves, and a sturdy water bottle are also highly recommended.

Additional Info

Mailing to the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission:

USPS… day or two for letters from Utah three for packages.

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United States
President Dennis E. Rehm

4090 Center Park Dr, Ste 4
Colorado Springs CO 80916
United States

431,834 (2012)
Protestantism, Catholicism, LDS, Judaism
The climate of Colorado can be quite cold. Colorado is mountainous and rests directly in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Winters can be extreme. Colorado Springs is at a high elevation, and snow is frequent and heavy during the long winters. In desert and plain areas, snow can be frequent but light (and fast to melt). Rarely does the temperature rise above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
Colorado Springs


Straight from the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission:

*What items were hard to get or not available?
“Pretty much everything was available”

*What did you eat the most of?
“Lots of potatoes and roast beef”

“It depended on the area, each area had own food styles. Sometimes we ate out a lot. In the southern areas I had a lot of food with green chili’s. Springs was more traditional, pasta, potatoes, etc”

*What is the craziest thing you ate?
“Pumpkin soup”

“Either the square of jello on a lettuce leaf or the jello/whipped cream with grated cheese. Carrot flavored ice cream was weird too (I swear its true!)”

*What was most surprising about the culture?
“There was a lot of dislike for religion in general. I got there not very long after the columbine shooting people were not very accepting to religion at that time”

“It’s still in the states so there isn’t too much that was different for me. I was surprised by how many different churches there are and what people know or don’t know about their own religion.”

*What advice would you give to someone going to the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission?
“Read the Book of Mormon twice at least all the way through, make sure your testimony is solid! At times it will be tested”

“It’s a great mission and work hard. Be ready for warm summer and cold winters. Be aware members watch you. They’ll always be nice to you no matter what because you are a missionary. But it’s easy to lose respect and trust, and you need them to do your work. Study preach my gospel. Get to know your book of mormon and how it teaches the missionary lessons. Practice teaching them so when it’s time you can hit the ground running.”

*What do you wish you had known before you served?
“I wish I had known the scriptures better”

“How much I was going to love my mission! Also how I was going to need to be outgoing and not be afraid. I also would have worked harder on learning to get along with people.”

*Other comments?
“It truly is the best 2 years of your life”

“The LDS church has been in Colorado for quite some time. In Colorado Springs particularly it can be similar to a Utah based ward in that it has all the auxiliaries functioning but smaller and with more less actives. There are smaller wards as well that rely on the missionaries…”

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