Colombia Barranquilla Mission

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We are still collecting information on the Colombia Barranquilla Mission. If you served in this mission and are willing to share your experiences with us, please contact us at


Snapshot of Colombia – Spanish is the official language of Colombia, though several other languages (including English) are recognized as official regional languages in certain parts of the country. Colombia’s population is primarily Roman Catholic, though most do not actively practice the religion. Protestantism has been increasing in recent years. Colombia has a rich history in art and literature. Music and dance are also quite popular in Colombia, with pop, rock, salsa, vallenato, and cumbia being among popular styles. Shakira is Colombia’s most famous musician. Soccer is the most popular sport in Colombia, though baseball is almost somewhat popular in Caribbean areas of the country. Colombian cuisine varies by region. The typical dish of central Colombia is ajiaco, a chicken, potato, and corn soup, while spicy seafood dishes are popular in the Caribbean region. Rice and beans, eggs, corn, and avocado are common parts of meals across the country. Several types of bread and arepas are also common.


President Kent R. Searle

Calle 82 # 55-20, Apto 2
Edificio Matisse
Barranquilla Atlantico



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