Chile Antofagasta Mission

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Snapshot of Chile – Spanish is the national language of Chile, though other indigenous languages such as Mapudungun, Aymara, and Quechua are also present. Chilean spanish is unique in the way it drops the final syllables and “s” sounds from words. The Roman Catholic Church is the largest religion in Chile, accounting for about 60% of the population. The LDS church claims about 3% of the population, though many are inactive. Several other Protestant churches are also present, and about 18% of the population is irreligious. Modern Chilean culture primarily mixes Spanish and indigenous influences, though the south also has some influence from German immigrants. A wide range of music is popular in Chile, including rock, hip hop, and traditional folk music. Soccer is Chile’s most popular sport, though basketball and tennis are also somewhat popular and rodeos are popular events, especially in rural areas. Skiing is also practiced in some southern areas of the country. Chile is a large consumer of meat and bread, and rice and pasta are common side dishes. Empanadas and hot dogs are popular fast food items. Other popular dishes in Chile include asado (a type of barbecue, in southern Chile often made with lamb meat) and cazuela (a beef, potato, and pumpkin stew).

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The Church

The LDS Church accounts for about 3% of the population, though many of them are inactive. Approximately 18% of the population is irreligious, resulting in much room for church growth in the area.


The people of Chile consume lots of beans and rice. Also, due to the proximity of the ocean, seafood is found regularly in many meals, such as fish, molluscs, crustaceans, and algae.

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Citizens and missionaries most oftentimes use public transportation such as busses, cars, and taxis. Walking is also very common. Missionaries also rely on members to give them rides.


Like all missions, follow the missionary handbook, and be sure to go to your apartment before dark.



The people of Antofagasta believe that if you open your mouth after you drink something warm, go outside, then open your mouth again, your jaw will become crooked.

The people of Antofagasta are also very Catholic and embrace several religious dances and don clothing during the Christmas, Easter, and other religious holidays celebrating Catholic saints.

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Essential Equipment

It is important to have sunscreen, and an umbrellas.

Flag of Chile Antofagasta Mission


President Craig Lee Dalton

Casilla de Correo 70

Roman Catholic
This city has a desert climate that is significantly cloudy lots of the time. It is very temperate climate, with average temperatures in the winter in the 50’s, and average temperatures in the summer in the high 70’s.
Arica, Iquique, Tocopilla, Calama, Chanaral, Copiapo, Vallenar


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