Canada Edmonton Mission

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The Canada Edmonton Mission covers the northern part of the province of Alberta, Northeast British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. This diverse area of land covers a variety of different climates and geographical areas. The stunning Banff and Jasper National Parks are both located within mission boundaries. Parts of the mission include the grand Canadian Rockies, while other parts include Alberta’s rolling prairie. Rivers and streams flow softly through, while the cities and towns are quaint and well maintained. Most of the mission’s population lives in Edmonton, the provincial capital.

Located on the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton is North America’s northernmost city. Its metropolitan area is home to over 1 million people and serves as an educational and cultural hub. The city earned the nickname, “The Festival City”, because of its vibrant, year-round festivals and celebrations.

Edmonton is home to North America’s largest mall, Edmonton Oilers of the NHL and the North Saskatchewan River Valley, which offers 100 kilometers of beautiful trails and scenic views.

Snapshot of Canada – Canada’s two official languages are English and French. French is the official language in the providence of Quebec, though New Brunswick, Ontario and Alberta also have significant French-speaking populations. About two-thirds of Canadians are Christian, with another 24% not having any religion. Canadian culture has been mainly influenced by England, France, and native traditions. Canada has lots of cultural crossover with the United States – American entertainment is popular in English-speaking areas, while many Canadian musicians, entertainers, and writers have found success internationally as well. Ice hockey and lacrosse are Canada’s most popular sports, though curling and Canadian football (a variant of American football) are also popular. Popular Canadian foods include Poutine (french fries covered with cheese curds and gravy), butter tarts (a dessert item), and maple syrup. Several different types of meat are hunted and eaten in more rural areas of the country, including caribou, venison, elk, and even seal. Street vendors sell hot dogs, falafel, pizza, and other fast-food-type items in major cities.

The Church

There are six stakes and one independent branch. The members are well schooled in the gospel and supportive of missionary work. Many of the baptisms result from member referrals. There is a strong group of young adults in the Edmonton area.


Alberta is renowned for its beef and game, such as such as bison, elk and venison. Most of the meats are more accessible in the rural towns.


Most of the missionaries use cars because of the cold temperatures. Some missionaries go by foot and bus in the city where public transportation is accessible.


Edmonton is generally a safe city. There are some parts of the inner-city that are best avoided, particularly after dark. Try to avoid bar areas, particularly on weekends. Because of the cold temperatures and icy roads, driving can be hazardous.


The beautiful, relatively mild winters create great opportunity for outdoor winter sports and activities. Edmonton is truly a city of celebration. It hosts over 30 festivals and special events each year. Edmonton is known as the “heartland of hockey” and they are proud fans of their sports teams.

Local Lingo

Just like any true Canadian mission, the use the word “eh” is very common.

Essential Equipment

Good quality winter gear is absolutely necessary for this mission. All of the winter gear that you need can be purchased in the mission. Gloves, warm winter coats, scarves and layers are vital.

Flag of Canada Edmonton Mission


President Larry G. Manion

305-8925 51 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T6E 5J3

English, French
About one third of the population are protestant, one third are Catholic, one fourth profess no religion, and the rest of the population belongs to a variety of other religions.
The average temperature range is about 10.9 °F in January to a summer peak of 63.5 °F in July. Edmonton is one of Canada’s sunniest cities and has a fairly dry climate with low precipitation rates. Edmonton experiences a wide range of weather throughout all four seasons.
Besides Edmonton, there are few towns in the mission where more than 10,000 people live. These larger towns include Camrose, Cold Lake, Fort McMurray, Fort Saskatchewan, Grande Prairie, Leduc, Lloydminster, Spruce Grove and Wetaskawin. A large number of missionaries serve in Edmonton, while others are located in medium to small towns spread throughout the province.


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