California Santa Rosa Mission

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The California Santa Rosa Mission covers a breathtaking portion of northern California. A large portion of the mission is filled with rolling, green hills, redwood forests and vineyards. There are not many large cities in the area. Instead, the mission covers beautiful, calm suburb areas, surrounded by lush greenery. This area is renown for its laid-back and “green” outlook. There are lots of liberal, eco-friendly, organic food and yoga lovers here.

The California Santa Rosa Mission is the first mission in the world to have gone “global” to the four corners of the earth. Missionaries use mini iPads, internet access and skype to teach friends from far and wide. The internet and facebook are used to contact and teach investigators, strengthen relationships with members and contact less-active members.

The Church

The church is fairly well established, but faces some tough persecution because of opposing political beliefs and the church’s stand against drugs, alcohol and same sex marriage. However, the members living within this mission are strong.

The beautiful Sacramento Temple is the closest temple to Santa Rosa.

Sacramento California Temple

Sacramento California Temple


The Santa Rosa mission is considered “wine country”.  There are a wide variety of foods available in food establishments, including Mexican, organic, and vegetarian options.


The missionaries travel by bike or car.Missionary Bike


For the most part, this is a very safe area. Drug use in this area is, however, ever on the rise. There are still a select few areas where sisters have never served for safety reasons.

Local Lingo

There is lots of “Bay Area Slang” that changes regularly.

Essential Equipment

U-Bar bike locks should be used to secure bikes when that is your mode of transportation

U-Bar bike locks should be used to secure bikes when that is your mode of transportation

Flag of California Santa Rosa Mission


United States
President Rene R. Alba

5301 Badger Rd
Santa Rosa CA 95409
United States

English, Spanish
Catholicism, Protestantism, Evangelical Christianity
The summers are typically hot, reaching up into the mid 80’s on warm days. The winters are fairly cold, but almost never cold enough to see snow unless you are in the mountains. The typical low winter temperatures dips down to the 30’s. The temperatures and climate also vary with the elevation within the mission.
Santa Rosa, Napa



What items were hard to get or not available?

“Everything that I needed was readily accessible.”

What did you eat the most of?

“I was a Spanish-speaking missionary, so I ate lots of meat, rice, beans and tortillas. We ate tons of Mexican food.”

What was most surprising about the culture?

“Honestly, I was surprised by the drugs that were so prevalently used in this region of the country. It’s practically part of the culture. It made it tough for us as missionaries.”

What advice would you give to someone going to the Santa Rosa Mission?

“Love the people with all of your heart. No matter where you serve. If you love the people, you will be happy.”

What do you wish you had known before you served?

“I bought really fancy walking shoes before my mission. They weren’t necessary because we didn’t do much walking. I purchased much cheaper shoes and used those for the rest of my mission.”

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