Bulgaria Sofia Mission

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Photo courtesy of Rachel Paxton

Snapshot of Bulgaria

The official language of Bulgaria is Bulgarian, though Turkish is also spoken in some regions. Orthodox Christianity is dominant in Bulgaria, with the Bulgarian Orthodox Church being the largest denomination. Islam is the second-largest religious group in Bulgaria, followed by other types of Christian churches. It is common in Bulgarian culture for people to have strong ties to close family and friends.

Bulgaria has a long tradition of folk music, including religious music performed in Orthodox churches. Bulgarian churches also have a history of beautiful religious murals and frescos. Another Bulgarian tradition is the giving of martenitsa (a small white and red yarn decoration) to be worn during the month of March to celebrate the coming of spring. Soccer is the most popular sport in Bulgaria, though volleyball and wrestling are also popular. Most Bulgarian meals include large salads.

Soups, stews, breads, and dairy products (particularly yogurt and sirene cheese) are also commonly served. Pork and chicken are popular meats, and are often served either in stews or grilled (frequently as kebabs). Halva and various cakes and pastries are popular dessert items.


Photos courtesy of Rachel Paxton


IMG_0237Snapshot of Turkey (part of the Bulgaria Sofia Mission)

The official language of Turkey is Turkish, though about 12% of the country’s population speaks Kurdish. Over 90% of Turkey’s population is Muslim, with most belonging to Sunni Islam. Christianity forms a very small minority in Turkey, though Orthodox churches are the largest Christian groups. Turkish culture is very diverse, combining influences from Islam, western society, and the former Ottoman empire. This can be seen in architecture, literature, and music. Modern popular music includes rock, pop, and hip hop. Soccer is the most popular sport in Turkey, though basketball and volleyball are also popular. Turkish cuisine is varied across the country. The southeast is home to famous kebabs (primarily lamb and beef) and desserts such as baklava, while eastern dishes usually involve fish, vegetables, and herbs, similar to other Mediterranean countries. Light soups are commonly served before meals, as well as mezes (appetizers usually containing vegetables and/or cheese). Yogurt, rice, and different types of pastries are also common staples. Other popular dishes include the doner kebab, a fast food item that is made by serving thinly sliced meat inside a type of flatbread with other ingredients such as tomatoes and lettuce.

Flag of Bulgaria Sofia Mission


President Michael S. Wilstead

Ul. Marin Drinov 21
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