Bolivia Santa Cruz North Mission

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Snapshot of Bolivia – Bolivia has 37 official languages, the most dominant being Spanish. Quechua, Aymara, and Guarani are the next-most prevalent languages. Portuguese is also spoken in areas close to Brazil. Bolivia’s population is primarily Roman Catholic (though many mix their Catholic beliefs with indigenous practices), though Protestantism is increasing. Bolivia’s culture is greatly influenced by the many indigenous ethnic groups within its borders, particularly the Quechua and Aymara. Traditional clothing and dancing is still seen at many festivities, many of which mix Christian and indigenous practices. The Carnaval de Oruro is considered one of the most important cultural festivities. Traditional culture is also seen in the many types of folk music present in Bolivia. Other Latin music styles are also popular in the country. Soccer is Bolivia’s most popular sport, and table soccer (also known as fussball) is a popular game. Lunch is the most important meal in Bolivia, and is often followed by a siesta, or nap. Lunch generally includes a soup, a main course that includes rice, potatoes, and a meat dish, followed by a dessert. Popular dishes include locro (a stew made from corn, beef, beans, and potato), pique macho (a plate of beef, sausage, boiled eggs, and french fries), and anticuchos (shish-kebabs that are popular with street vendors, often made with chicken hearts).

Flag of Bolivia Santa Cruz North Mission


Bolivia, Plurinational State Of
President Richard C. Zambrano

Calle Independencia No. 610

Esquina Calle Lemoine

Zona Central, Santa Cruz




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