Australia Perth Mission

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Snapshot of Australia – Australia does not have an official language, though English is the de facto language. Australian English has its own unique accent and phrases. Chinese, Italian, and Arabic are also spoken by small groups. About 60 percent of Australia’s population is Christian, with the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches being the largest denominations. About 30 percent of the population does not practice any religion. Modern Australian culture has been greatly influenced by other English-speaking nations (particularly England as a result of early British colonization), though efforts have been made to preserve the Aboriginal culture as well. Immigration from other countries has made Australia into a “melting pot” nation. Australian culture tends to be very informal, and dry, ironic humor is a common theme. Loyalty to one’s friends (“mates”) is considered an important part to Australian culture. The appeal of the Australian outback has influenced many art forms in the country, though other styles such as street art are popular in the cities. Australia has often contributed to international popular culture, through bands such as AC/DC and the Bee Gees or actors such as Hugh Jackman and Heath Ledger. Aboriginal traditions can still be seen in instruments such as the didgeridoo. Popular sports in Australia include Australian-rules football, cricket, rugby, and basketball. Cycling and skateboarding are also popular activities, especially among the youth. A wide variety of foods are available in Australia. Several varieties of fish and seafood dishes are common, and barbecuing meat is a popular practice. Popular dishes include fish and chips, hamburgers, meat pie, sausage rolls, and pavlova (a meringue dessert). Kangaroo meat is also used in some recipes. Vegemite is a popular spread in Australia.


The Church

The Perth mission is one of five Australian missions. The people of Perth are blessed to have one of Australia’s five temples in their city.


Meat and potatoes are common.


Fish and chips are a common meal.


Perth metropolitan public transport, including trains, buses and ferries, are available, with links to the more rural areas. There are 70 railway stations and 15 bus stations in the metropolitan area.

Flag of Australia Perth Mission


President R. Bruce Lindsay

PO Box 185
Tuart Hill
WA 6939


163-173 Wordsworth Avenue, Yokine WA 6060, Australia

about 2.5 million
Catholic, Protestant Christian


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